With an over emphasis placed on eating Organic All Natural Whole Foods, we also forget about the kind of nourishment that comes from who we are as individuals.

Who are you as an individual?

Just take a moment and think about it.  This isn’t about what your goals are or who want to become.  This is just about who you are right now in your life.  If this question makes you uncomfortable, good, this just means you have to start becoming better friends with, yourself.  That’s all.

Throughout my life I have encountered the good, bad and the ugly.  Energy is a crazy thing and the most powerful of influencing energies is the cleansing purity, like that of my dad’s and on the flip-side there is the kind of energy that emanates from those who are toxically inauthentic, no matter how they try to sell themselves to you, you’ll notice your own behavior becoming more manic and you might even feel kind of drawn to these toxic people, like a drug, because the kind of energy they have is magnetic in a poisonous way because they wear a front where they seem as though they are on your “team” and will even desperately say this when they can sense you are sensing their kind of toxic truth.  Your confused by how their words don’t match their actions ever and they try and force an intimacy by becoming too personal only at opportune moments for themselves.

The kind of people who move in too fast a furious, working too hard to gain your trust.  It’s as though they are so frightened of their inauthentic truth surfacing they have to try and seal the deal with you by becoming distractingly over the top and supportive when you can actually see the lear in their eyes and feel some kind of agitation while you sit with them, trusting their words that do not align with their actions or the incongruent feeling that emanates from them.  They become like a strange addiction for trying to figure out.  There is something unsettling about them, but you think it’s you, so you try and adjust and become kinder and find ways to demonstrate sincerity towards them and then one day you do eventually wake up.  Sometimes it takes the right people who have stayed in your life that make you realize the fallacy of these inauthentic beings, so you move on.  Sometimes moving on is easier than other times.  Sometimes you just want to believe so badly that you hadn’t been fooled of so long. Sometimes you just don’t understand the nasty nature of some, because you yourself would never behave in such a deliberately manipulative manner and they are just such a foreign language to you that you just end up confused until you do finally realize, some people really are just very, very bad for you and for themselves.

When inauthentic people invade your space, because they get you to welcome them in, you have a toxic playground filled with unnatural energy and this is very jarring, especially when you are just simply who you are, honestly.

Being natural is so important, regardless of what you encounter in the jungle of life.

Being natural keeps you sensitive to what is unnatural, the only bad part of being authentic, you absentmindedly think everyone else comes at you from the same authentic place too.

Energy is as toxic as the chemicals in processed food.  It effects our emotions in a plethora of ways.  Emotional trauma can eventually lead to chemical imbalances and then severe health issues.

Be careful of people who enjoy manipulating you when you are in emotionally vulnerable spots and exacerbate your symptoms by having very impure energy when they are around you.  This really just does fuck you up, but the good thing about this is, you can recognize it and your real friends will always keep it real with you.

There are a lot of people who I have worked with that come in with health problems that I can sense stem from an emotional turmoil that stems with a false sense of reality or stems from their desire for manipulating a reality that originate from an honest heart.  Sometimes it does take me a while to notice this and in the process I can sometimes become an unknowing victim in the process of trying to empathetic towards an individual so blinded by insecurities and greed I end up playing into their hands, until their inauthenticity has it’s final impact on me and I realize the kind of unnatural nature I am dealing with.

Unnatural people are not dissimilar to processed foods.  They manufacture and idea of themselves and try and sell their better idea of what they think is best.  These people are usually very narcissistic, egomaniacal and have to exist in a non-reality because of this.  These people effect us on an energy level and they are Emotional Influenzas which the only cure for is for them to grow up and get real and for you to just get the hell away from them.

Natural always wins, even though you sometimes feel defeated by the temporary impact of those who are inauthentic.




















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