Did you know your body is your doctor, your nutritionist and your personal trainer, but, shhhhhhh, nobody wants you to know that.

You provide several industries with profit when you don’t know how to actually learn to just listen to yourself and your needs.  Your dependence keeps industries alive and your independence would cause several industries to go out of business.

Actual teachers stimulate your ability to think.

Learning is less about memorizing what you are told and everything about you expanding your abilities to think.  Anybody who teaches by telling you what they think you need to be told has never learned the ability to think expansively and with courage.  Creativity takes a kind of Courage that is Liberating, Empowering and Nourishingly Inspiring.

Health problems are about imbalances of Health.

There is so much we should actually understand about our bodies, which many of us don’t, because we don’t use or treat our bodies with the respect necessary to actually be able to listen to what it our feelings are telling us.  Feeling requires Presence. Presence only exists in a Silent state.

Understanding your body on a feeling level requires a kind of friendship we usually seem to seek with others, when it is actually your own relationship with yourself which actually influences your relationship with others.

Are you friends with yourself?

Do you trust yourself on a listening level?

Cravings and Hunger aren’t about what yummy foods you want to eat, that’s your mind’s distractive desire to treat food as an indulgence or some kind of reward, when the need for food is actually about providing yourself the appropriate nutrition necessary for your body to perform what we normally credit doctors with, which is being healthy.

Living in a feeling state also allows your body to correct it’s own movement, for the right feeling, which is how movement should naturally be performed. Movement is an internal flow of language, physically interpreted, where you are able to internally align from your rooted foundation, allowing your energy to flow to where your brain desires.

The power to adapt to the physical environment to meet the requirements of your internal environment requires the sensitivity of feeling.

The power to listen to your body’s cravings helps you to adapt the nutritional needs of your health requirements, requires the sensitivity of feeling.

The power of listening to your body’s changes in health is what let’s you know if you need to maybe rest or if you really do need to go to the doctor.

Feeling is your built in Adaptogen for maintaining healthy lifestyles.  So, do you listen?

We seem to think that we have to do so much to our bodies, instead of learning to listen to them.  Our bodies don’t want us to injury ourselves, but we do, when we create an un-listening internal environment where the mind is constantly controlling, telling the body what it needs, instead of listening to what the body is asking for.

Tai Chi Chuan is the Adaptogenic Exercise for Health Maintenance, it is your perfect tool for finding your listening state.  It is an art form, therefore, entirely rooted in feeling.

What you actually feel, your mind can never really create, because you can’t create feeling from the mind.  The mind is meant to listen, which means it should always exist in a silent state.  The minute you are absent of Silence, your Mind gets polluted by it’s noisy state.


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