This is such a bizarre generation of MORE.

MORE of everything with a foundation, shallow and vain.

Everything from the outside.

Everything about the outside.

Wanting more of what we see others have, but not what people have as far as the content of their character, the wanting of what others have as far as attention, for the thirst of popularity.  The “like” syndrome.

The outward appeal today has more meaning than the substance of what quality is woven from.  It’s all about the outside and that’s why so many people are getting hurt and injured and dying.

I keep reading about “athletes” from this explosion of the “fighter” dying from horrific weight cuts.  It is so disturbing.

This is just another example of irresponsibility for the sake of vanity and what’s worse is that athletes are being used for the vanity of the people who want to be called coaches.  Any real coach has NEVER had an athlete die from a weight cut.  Coaches are our parents and I mean this in the most literal way.  Coaches are our parents we meet in the gym and the relationship between athlete and coach eventually extends outside of the gym.  If you’re an athlete, you know what I mean.  Your whole life is lived as an athlete, forever.  The bonds you form with those people who made you cry, sweat and bleed from a deeper place of belief, because they see your talent.  This is what a real coach is about.

I have cut weight, but never in an extreme way.  This was something my father never believed in and while I have had other boxing trainers, this was something that was always a core belief of mine, because dad would always say in his gentle way,

“As an athlete, your health is the most important thing. Don’t do anything to stress your health that isn’t necessary and if your body feels like it can’t take it, don’t do it. Listen to your body.  Cause when you don’t listen, this is when you get injuries”

Mom would reinforce it, always.  We are more than just a team, we are family.

Athletes, speak up for yourself.  There’s absolutely no point in suffering so bad for your journey that you end up having to cut your journey short because of injuries too severe to recover from and the worst part is, you can actually die.

Being brave isn’t about stepping in the ring.

It’s about standing up for yourself and your health, no matter how much you idolize your trainer or whomever it is telling you to resort to extreme measures.  Find someone who listens to you and communicates with you.  Coaches must possess empathy, not arrogance. Find someone humble and soft spoken, someone who loves the art of the sport, not somebody who is using your for their own selfish glory.


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