A girl with pie and head hung low.

I didn’t want to stare, so I looked in the glass door to catch a glimpse of her reflection and noticed she had broken into almost uncontrollable sobs, instantly I knew it was some sort of Romeo & Juliet kind of story, not ending in death, but heartbreak, at this moment at least.  Hopefully now they’ve made a reconciliation and are snuggled in and cozy tonight.

Looking forward to making plans with a girlfriend and her grandkids this coming week, but meeting my friend Tank for some crazy Korean food first.

I meet him at Tous Les Jours and we head over to Wonjo.  We had an early dinner and that couldn’t have been a better time to get a great table and eat and enormous amount of food that was all so freaking delicious!!!  Tank had soju, which he said I made sound like crack.  I don’t drink, but my friends that do LOVE soju, it’s funny how Tank interpreted my description of them.  I think he quite like it.

I love the brainercise I get with friends.  We talked and ate and talked and ate…  We left.

Tank has his bike with him, I was rushing to meet a couple of girlfriends and invited him.  The street was crowded and I notice this petite woman notice Tank in the strangest of ways, where she actually changed her step going around him, to maneuvering behind him to actually wedge herself between him and his bike… She was in the clear and deliberately had this nasty energy and wedges herself between him and his bike. Then she starts mouthing off and Tank was so politely saying that there was no place to go.  The instant she sensed his soft demeanor she picked it up and I went IN.

I came to Tanks rescue and I was just NUTS. There’s something about sensing ill intent and watching it taken out on one of your friends.  You know those people who deliberately pick on kind people to pick on, because they know they can take advantage of this person’s kind nature?  This was one of those jerks and I think, I actually saved her life, because the way she ran from me assures me that she will rethink picking on someone the way she did today ever again.  I think what I love best is that Tank said he knew I would step to that jerk the minute she started and had said he almost kinda wanted to warn her to stop, not cause of him, because of me, lol.

We miss my girls with all the commotion, but Tank and I walked and just recapped on unveiling of my other side and the week, just past and how things overall have been really great and it’s just nice to feel really happy.  We talk about the crazy use of HGH and  wonder why people don’t realize that all of these growth hormones also causes the growth and proliferation of cancer cells in our bodies too.  Our bodies are fighting cancer cells all the time, when you allow your body to maintain it’s natural, balanced state.  Using anything to cause unnatural growth, will not just cause the good to grown, it will cause the bad stuff to grow.  Cancer is a condition where the cells already reproduce in too much of an irradict manner and then you give them ways of enhancing their unhealthy abilities.  Nobody thinks about the repercussions, ever.  It’s like we are in a generation overwhelmed by the unaccountable, so they think that everything naturally exists that way too.  Nature always holds you accountable.

The air has a bite to it as we stroll downtown, it’s fun to walk in this city.


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