Dad’s email got hacked yesterday.

I assumed that everyone should have known it was a hacking because dad would never ask his students to buy him anything, let alone, iTunes gift cards for his niece.

We have been in business before emailing was a thing, so what I’m saying that we are a business, so we have quite a number of people on our mailing list.

I received the strangest messages where people were making it sound like it had been discovered that they were affiliated with our school somehow and selected for this message.  I think we all know it was just something that happens all the time, this time was just our turn.

I have to admit I was a bit of an ass when it came to this, I thought anyone who had thought this was real to be a bit more self absorbed and “airy”.  I thought anyone who would have actually purchased this to be weird, but then I spoke to one of the guys who did purchase the cards and I felt like an ass about myself when I heard him explain the process and he hit one part of his story that really touched me.

He had been rejected several times by walmart and amazon for these purchases, so he drove to a store to buy the 3/$100 gift cards for dad.

I commented that he was a bit too determined, that I would have never gotten into my car to drive to the store and he says:

“This is William CC Chen asking me.  I HAVE to do this.  I have to get this done”

In this day and age where almost everyone is only motivated by a selfish gain, I think my many recent experiences just made me give up on the idea of people being selfless and good.

Hearing Dennis go through his whole story today made me run over and hug him and it just felt so good to be reminded, in the flesh that people are as good as people are meant to be and I probably wouldn’t appreciate this if I hadn’t had the misfortune of dealing with people cut entirely from a different type of synthetic material lately.

Christmas just came early for me this year cause I don’t think there is anything that filled my heart with more warmth than hearing the love and devotion for my father from another one of our most sincere of students.

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