My arsenal of Skinfoods is endless but, I can only handle a certain amount, since I make everything fresh and small batch.  Some products need to be made fresh, to order, I offer a them as Bespoke items.

Occasionally I’ll change up my product list when I notice a new formula I have put together making such an incredible difference on my skin.  The Lift is one of those products.

It’s an oil-free moisturizer which also functions as a toner, anti-aging treatment, skinfood delivery system, hydration mask, eye bag eraser, it heals burns, from my kitchen and also skin that has been chemically burned from untagging treatments at the dermatologist.  The base is an Aloe/Rosewater combination with Hyaluronic Acid.

Hyaluronic Acid takes about two weeks to show a difference and the difference I saw in my skin was so significant I couldn’t wait to share it with everyone.  Our bodies contain Hyaluronic Acid, after 30 we become depleted in it and supplementation is necessary. I not only use my Hyaluronic Acid treatments on my skin I also consume it daily.

My gay husband uses my product line and I was so excited to hear his feedback on The Lift.  Here is his review:

“Tiff, I don’t like The Lift, it makes me too beautiful.  I use it with my Everything Spray and it makes me too glowy, smooth and soft looking.  I’m starting to look like a girl and just too beautiful, I don’t like it, I’m a boy”

I couldn’t stop laughing.

I knew my new product was incredible, but I never thought a side effect would be “Too much beauty”.

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