Bone Broth is something I grew up with and am obsessed with.  I have an internal craving for it that is a health need and it replenishes everything I feel I am lacking with just a simple warm cup.

During the holidays everyone seems to get stressed out and because of this I’ve completely changed how I handle the holidays.  I look for healthy ways to treat my body well and I love sharing these healthy ideas with friends and family.

Thanksgiving Day leftovers are the perfect starting point for revamping your immune system and digestive system.  My way of doing this is with Broth!

I know some of you have different lifestyles and do not eat meat, that’s the beauty of broth, you can make it with whatever you have leftover.  Roasted vegetables make an incredibly rich broth too.

What I enjoy most about the holidays are the left overs.  This always gave me a wealth of ingredients to be creatively healthy with.  I mix bones and veggies when I make broth, but I also keep some broth strictly vegetarian and some broth I keep just Bone Broth.  This way I can keep my guests happy no matter their preference.

Bone Broth is incredible for pets too, be careful when giving pets vegetable broth, there are certain vegetables that don’t agree with our fur babies.

All you have to do is add water to your pot of ingredients (filtered and fluoride free preferably).  Bring the pot to an initial boil and then simmer.  I always simmer for a minimum of 6 hours.  Add enough water to just cover your dry ingredients and make sure you cover while your broth simmers.

Broth is great not only as a health supplement, but it can also be the base for sauces and just adding some to veggies, rice or pasta creates brilliant, natural, flavor!

Broth is also so easy to make in advance.  Just freeze your portions and you have your medicine for cold weather and your treat for a cozy night in!!!

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