When a 3 year old collapses into your arms when you ask for a hug and says “I love you”, you just MELT.  When he makes fishy faces at you and you make them back at him and he says “No, I want to kiss you”, you’re a puddle.

Children speak from the heart and what you feel from them can seem to fix any emotional ailment, even if you feel just fine, how they respond to you still makes you feel better no matter what.

Feeling is our first language.

Some people maintain their childlike candor through the magnificence of growth while others, unable to grow,  lack maturity.  Stuck in an unnatural state where they stifle their own growth because they have become self obsessed, not realizing that an obsession of one’s own self to be the antithesis of growth.  These are the same people who confuse attention with respect, more concerned with the momentary bravado of attention and thinking that external adulation will silence the internal turmoil of emptiness they feel.  It does work, but it is temporary and these people live their lives name dropping, bragging and gossiping because they lack actual substance.  They become nasty if they don’t get what they are trying to manipulate you for.  Then, like a flip of a switch they are telling you they are on “Team Tiffany” when they realize all their bad mouthing hasn’t gotten them anywhere and that you seem to have something they want.

Adul-ting is the poison to the Language of Feeling.   When the mind gets involved, manipulating the natural feelings that a person feels, to “control” how we react, rather than learning how to respond, this is how we are distorted into Adult-ing.  It’s all about “control”, but instead of learning to respond, which naturally connects us to our environment, people want to take the easy way out and displace responsibility from one’s self onto others by trying to control how others react to them by manipulating, a childish trait which has contributed to this boom of Narcissism and an entirely new Era of Demons who exist in physical human forms.

What leads to the manipulation of feelings?  The answer to this question will vary from person to person, but my own experience has restored my trust in my own intuition and has enlightened my ability to understand that my father’s brilliance is not that he teaches Tai Chi Chuan really well, it’s that he has never strayed from his childlike brilliance.

It’s the child in us that makes us brilliant, it’s the adult in us who either understands this gift we are born with or it’s the unlearned child in us who never allows us to fully embrace our own limitless aptitudes.

The unlearned child, someone who never fully enjoyed, embraced and loves the freedom of being inferior.

Loving the freedom of inferiority is the key to living fearlessly.

Fearing inferiority is the key to living in misery.




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