We are created as feeling beings.

Feelings are the first language we know.

This, we do not need to learn, how to feel.  It is our ability to feel that teaches us, but we have to listen.  Our learning state is our feeling state, nurtured by our silent state.  Without feeling you don’t have the ability to actually learn.  You may go through the motions, but to actually learn, we must feel and that is why all the greatest teachers make you feel.  What you don’t feel is forgotten, because, until it becomes a feeling it remains anonymous.  I think this is why I have such a hard time remembering names, unless I feel you, I don’t connect and without a connection I just forget.

When a baby is learning how to crawl and walk, much of this is done during the stages where speech is just a bunch of sounds, but babies feel and if you watch them in their learning process, that is when you understand the power of feeling and the meaningless of words.  Babies learn everything from feeling and feeling stems from the ability to listen and I am not talking about the listening that is done with the ears.  The skill of listening, for the art of learning, spurred by the feeling of inferiority, not because we are inferior beings, but because we should always exist in an inferior state, if our desire is really to learn.  Babies have no ego to distract from the delight of discovery that can only be birthed from an inferior state.

I am often puzzled by people who have to brag about all they do know.  Knowledge is a kind of roundtable.  What do we really know? We all possess different kinds of knowledge, even if we think about something the same way, it is always intriguing to learn the differences of our same ways and the differences of our differences.

The fear of inferiority is something we somehow acquire as adults, some of us at least.  To watch full grown adults make a mockery of themselves for proclaiming all they know and then time, the greatest truth serum, uncovering all they don’t know and then some.  People who name drop and don’t really know anybody.  People who brag, distorting facts that catch up with them eventually.  All of this done because of some strange vanity of wanting to look superior, while exposing the stupidity of so many.

We are created as feeling beings.  Feelings are a universal language we all speak. Feeling is how you should approach everything in life and your feelings will also teach you what you should not allow in your life.

I was working with a private client who has issues with her balance, but I know the problem isn’t physical, it’s in her head.  I listen to the words my students use to describe what they think their physical problems are and I also listen to how they express frustrations while we are learning together.  A key comment she has made on many occasions which was a HUGE insight was when she said,

“My body won’t listen to what my mind is telling it to do”

I responded,

“The mind shouldn’t be telling the body anything.  Your body should feel how to do the movements.  The mind should just be listening.  Tai Chi is your brain in action which requires the language of feeling to translate physically.  If you think about what you should be feeling, you will never achieve balance.”

My student is a retired doctor and her approach is very old school asian, where we have to push ourselves to excel, but there’s pushing yourself towards something and then once you go beyond that you begin to push yourself away.

This is why language of feeling is important, the whole purpose of feeling is to achieve balance.

Existing in a comfortably inferior state is the key to accessing feeling.  Nobody knows everything ever.

Insecurity about what you think you don’t know only maintains your state of ignorance.

Without feeling, there is no movement.

Movement can only be initiated from a place of feeling, which is why all great stances for change are called “Movements”.




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