Movement and Response, balance require the ability to connect to the environment you are in.

Your environment includes your own physical body as well as the actual physical environment around you.  Your connection to yourself and your surrounding environment is your own awareness and from your established awareness develops a connection, because connections can only be developed through a kind of trust.

Trust begins with You.  It has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else, it all begins with you.  You have to know yourself and feel yourself in order to be able to trust.

Trust is where balance begins.

The problem with learning with the eyes is that we sometimes confuse what with see and how what we see makes us feel.  We put the physical before the feeling.  Without understanding the feeling is what drives the physical.  So, we look at someone with experience and think that wanting to feel the energy flow of that person’s movement to be the precise execution of the actual physical movements necessary to feel the energy flow.  Movement has no flow without feeling and the more you you can feel the undertones of a “physical” performance the greater the depth of the feeling the performer is able to reach from within.  Precision is only achieved through the mastery of physically executing feeling.

The problem I notice when students come in is that their balance issues are actually cause from a lack of what they feel internally.   Without a connection to your own internal state you are unable to connect to your present state. Your connection to your present state allows you to appropriately respond to the desired ability to move within your environment.

If you feel like you can’t get your basic footing try and forget about everything you have seen.  Begin from what you feel and don’t rush.  What happens when we approach any kind of movement with anticipation we displace the internal state of feeling with noise.  Noise causes the mind to distract from the feeling of what the brain translates from feeling.  Noise causes imbalance, because it doesn’t allow your internal state to sense what it is feeling.  Noise creates distracted movements and distractions always displace the balance of environments.

Before you diagnose yourself with balance, equilibrium or inner ear issues, make sure you are actually taking your time and listening to the feeling of your physical condition.

Create a trusted environment within yourself, before you diagnose your own trust issues as health issues.


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