IMG_5870As a regular New Yorker, my life is always UNPREDICTABLE.

I’m never quite sure what is happening day to day, but that is also why I find ways to maintain some kind of structure, things that I do that help keep me focused and on top of who I am, even when I feel pulled apart, disastrous, chaotic and just a puddle of a mess.

My one thing, that’s my thing, are my Skinfoods.

There’s something about the regiment and knowing I am actually nourishing my body with everything I use on my body.

There’s a comfort in my daily life that I get from knowing that I can just rely on the consistency of my Skinfoods to get me through whatever insanity the day inevitably decides to throw at me.  Even the education alone, from reading the ingredients is enjoyable, cause if I run low on a product I can call room service and ask for some EVOO or Grape Seed oil.  I can even conveniently run to the closest drug store and grab some raw skinfood ingredients and throw something together on the fly.  I think that is what I love about Skinfoods the most, that once you adapt to using them, you easily adjust to the lifestyle and the method of using raw food ingredients anywhere and everywhere.  It makes you independent, you don’t have to rely on anything and you aren’t a slave to skincare products and secret potions.

For instance, I ran out of my Everything Tea and I knew that I could use Raw Honey as a cleanser and rinsed with some extra strong mint tea, I used 3 tea bags for 16 ounces of water and I rinsed the honey out first and did my final rinse with my mint tea.  Because my hair isn’t stripped of its natural oils, my body has adapted to not needing the harsher cleansing of Haircare and Skincare which strips and damages your body, causing your body to create excess oils, creating a different kind of dirty, which is actually dirtier than if you cleansed with natural products, which maintain your skin’s healthy balance and pH.

Your natural Sebum does everything from moisturizing to cleansing your body, soap strips us of this causes something we all know to be Skin Conditions.

Your Skin’s Condition should be normal.

Your Skin’s Condition is your Health Condition.

Your Skin is your body’s Largest Organ and your body’s First Line of Immune System Response.

This isn’t just about vanity, this is your health and well being.

I also haven’t even had a cold in 2 years.

The more I expand on my brand, the more I get to test new products out, the better my health gets and the better I look too.

So, no matter what life throws at you, if you stay on top of your health and well being, you are staying on track.  It’s something that always bring you back to center and its up to you, to get on track, so you can stay on track.

If you are running low on a product, just take a look at the list of ingredients and you will undoubtedly be able to find what you need somewhere.  Or take a look at my website and scan the listed ingredients for something simpler you can throw together on your own.  It’s fun!!!

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