I’ve been having one of those weeks… Actually it’s been one of those weeks for the past couple of weeks.

My phone calls to Mother Chen have been a mix of the loving daughter with many moments of the the Crazy New Yorker.

Sometimes Mom just sits quietly on the other end listening, she’s so quiet I usually end up saying “Are you listening to me?” and if I have to repeat the question, I know she’s been distracted into doing something else, because she’s had more than her daily quota of Tiffany for the day.

The other day was hilarious.  I called her frazzled…

Mom: “Why do you let yourself get like this?”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Mom: “You sound anxious, don’t be. It’s a waste of energy.”

Me: “What? Mom, you can’t turn off anxiety.”

Mom: “Do Tai Chi”

Me: “What? That’s such an insensitive thing to say.”

Mom: “Well, calling me like this isn’t sensitive either”

Me: “Ok, you have a point”

Mom: “Just don’t be anxious, it doesn’t serve any good”

Me: “Mom, you can’t just turn anxiety off”

Mom: “Yes you can. Just use your mind to realize that being anxious is a waste of time and it doesn’t make you feel good and stop”

Me: “What is it with you and dad and the brain and the mind.  This isn’t Tai Chi class”

Mom: “Then why are you calling me?”

Me: “Because you are my mom and you and dad consciously made the decision to have me, you made me, so you have to deal with me forever”

Mom: “Ok, what do you want then?”

Me: “I don’t know.  I just wanted to complain”

Mom: “How do you feel now”

Me: “Better.  I’m calm again”

Mom: “That’s good, now you can be productive with your time.  I need to go make dinner for my boyfriend now.  Can I hang-up?”

Me: “Yes.  Tell your boyfriend I love him”

Mom: “Ok”

And then I get into the school and dad brings up the time he fought the Ghost Shadows and they threatened to kill his children…

It’s been quite the week in the Chen Family.

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