My grandmother, my mother’s mother is an unbelievably unstoppable force.

I’ve had my fair share of issues with her throughout the years, but as you get older and accumulate better friends, you realize how petty you can be and then you just make the adjustments to be better.

Reconnecting with my grandmother has been such an incredible feeling, especially since she decided to start gloving up with me.

Something that always has been a unique bond between my father and I is the fact that I am his baby girl and we both like to fight.

Ironically, this family tradition has spilled over into my mother’s side of the family and my grandmother has now become my training partner.

In a world where fighting is pulling everyone apart, I have found that fighting brings my family together.

Life is meant to be your own unique methods and ways. Find your way, your language to learn how to grow together.

We do only have this one life to live, make it fun, find the joy and most importantly, make sure you are always making the adjustments necessary to feel good about yourself.


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