I grew up as the daughter of a martial artist.

I grew up in a family business that nobody ever understood anything about.

I grew up training, competing and teaching at our school.

I was never able to fit in with anybody.

I still don’t fit in, even with the people I mesh with and this is one of the biggest joys of my life.

Growing up I was always kept very active and I naturally gravitated towards anything sports related, because I enjoy the feeling of using my body and it was something that also helped me to better understand myself and this body that was forever changing and I was constantly trying to understand.  I never seemed to fit in with many people, but I love people, they’re all so interesting and sometimes the most interesting part of peopling is realizing most people aren’t your people most of the time, so you move onto newer and better people.

One thing I really have come to admire about our school is that we are really the land of misfits.  We are a group of people who don’t really “fit in” with most other people, so we have found each other at this school my father built with my mother all these years ago.

Our school is literally the playground for the different, who embrace being uniquely different, because it is our nature to be different and nurture what is different in each and everyone of us that makes us the same.  I’ve never had any interest in getting to know anyone who is the same as anybody else.  the more different you are, the more I literally hunger to know you, because you are now my teacher and I can’t wait to learn how it is you think, feel and see the world.  There is nothing more intriguing than the people who expand your mind.  It’s an addiction for me.

I am always so perplexed when people don’t embrace their unique qualities, but I do remember growing up that being different also felt lonely at times, only because I thought I was supposed to run around with the other girls at school swooning over the same things, which actually never made much sense to me, but I tried getting into pop culture for the sake of having friends and then I just ended up realizing after my New Kids on the Block phase, phased out, that maybe I wasn’t like other girls or kids my age and that I didn’t understand the fandom over the actors or actress in sitcoms.  None of this American kind of culture never made sense to me. The more I tried to be the same, the more I realized how different I was.

I enjoyed doing things that I was actively learning from.  When you’re a kid there’s so much you’re constantly taking in and It’s ok not to know things, you’re almost treated as though you don’t know anything and I actually liked feeling this way, I felt freer about making mistakes.  I felt the fun of messing up.  I enjoyed when I could figure out how to do something, because the purpose of life is learning.  Learning is the most constructive use of time and it is limitless, cause what do we really ever know at all?  Life is a rainbow of perspective and your own perspective is influenced by every single moment of the life you are living in.  We never live the same day twice.  We never live the same moment again.  The only time we exist in is the present.

Presence is our Present and it is the gift that keeps on giving as long as you stay Present.

People today worry about their social circles more than they worry about who they are to themselves. It’s an ongoing conundrum, the worry of the impression people leave on other people, I never understood it.  Why people are so caught up in what other people think of them is something I’ve never understood.  I am Me and what’s most important is that I work on Me all of the time.

Then there are those people obsessed with the impressions they make on others.  You know those people who act too polite, too well mannered where it even creeps you out a bit.  Going over the top at the dinner table to serve others in a performance type of way, where they are doing it for you to see how selfless they are, RED FLAG.  The ones that put up a front that is too restrained, where you feel this buzz beneath their “calmish” facade, only to find out all of a sudden what an insecure narcissist you are actually dealing with. You’ll find that these people will indirectly and constantly boast on their “skills” and “abilities” until you take them up on their expertise and realize that they might have confused real life with a movie script and they can’t continue their performance once life stays real.  I often wonder, if these people were just real from the start, would they have evolved into better people for themselves?  Not staying true to you, only hinders the you, you are meant to be.

Life is a funny thing, but getting older is absolutely fabulous.

Is there anything better than learning who you are so that you can live your life improving who you are all of the time?

Nature made us unique, because being unique is the ultimate strength, staying the same or trying to become the same as anything else is a waste of a life meant for constant discovery.

Surround yourself with people who enjoy You for who You are and bring out your unique qualities.


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