Potassium Broth was something I learned about a very long time ago, it was before I started fighting, I was always an athlete.  This was during my competitive Figure Skating years.

Athletics was something I always gravitated towards and I do have to say the influence wasn’t only because I watched people figuring out their bodies at our family’s school, there was something about the smell and sounds I would hear, this kind of language that wasn’t spoken, but it was felt in the sounds, smells and buzz in the air.  It was something everyone could understand and learn from, but you have to experience it through the vision of a child, no judgement, no desire to interpret, a non-defining manner of learning which is just done from being in the element of.  This is what growing up in a Tai Chi School was like for me.  Learning was beyond what a teacher had to say and way beyond what a student thought to ask.  It was something more and this something always influenced my desire to absorb everything I was around, maybe that’s also how my obsession with nutrition intrigues me… It’s all about what we absorb, how we absorb, internally, externally.  Everything effects our intake, even the time of day.

So many of us are Mineral Depleted and athletes need to make sure their nutrition is on point, because our bodies go through so much additional punishment.  The supplements and performance enhancing products, often times do more damage than good, they confuse the body’s organic nature by offering non-food nutrition to the body and sometimes these products seem to help in some ways, but they are not intended as nutrition replacements and shouldn’t be taken for extended amounts of time, but being an athlete I know how it just seems so easy to grab a bottle, add a few scoops a bit of water and shake.  Sustainable nutrition is never that easy, once in a while, if your a serious athlete, you will need to supplement periodically and by serious I mean, training rigorously 3 to 4 times a day.  Nothing is a replacement for real food nutrition.

Potassium Broth is one of my nutritional Superfoods, you can also make it as a vegan or vegetarian dish, just add water instead of conventional broth.

All you have to do is get a variety of dark leafy greens and fill a pot almost to the top and then add enough broth or water to just meet at the top. Bring to a boil and then reduce to a simmer, covering the pot and just leaving it alone for 12 hours.  I remove half of the plant fibers and then use a handheld blender to completely liquify the remaining fibers. If you want you can leave all the plant fibers in and blend, this just makes a thicker broth and you can thin it out with water.

During every holiday season I make this broth and I have it first thing in the morning and it’s what I sip after usually having an early dinner.

When you start your mornings with this, the rush of soothing energy is really comforting.  At night it keeps you feeling satisfied without feeling heavy and it’s calming abilities knock you right out.  Sometimes I warm up a cup and stir in some scrabbled egg to make a kind of Egg Drop Potassium Broth when I feel I need some protein, but I don’t want anything too heavy.

I make a bunch at the weekend and store portions in the freezer.

You know the bags that you see my Skinfoods Products packaged in?  They are actually for beverages!!!!!  They are the perfect one size serving when filled half way and I just add a cup of hot water to a thawed portion and I’m ready to go!!!!!

NEVER BOIL!!!!!  This destroys the nutrition of the Broth.  Only Simmer, cause great things always take time.

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