Lomachenko, boxing’s boy wonder is exciting to watch, not because you’re actually looking forward to watching a war unfold, what has become this fighter’s draw is the impeccable artistry he masters in the ring, each and every time he steps into it.

Announcers talk about what round he will cause the fight to end, rarely giving his opponents much consideration for what they might do in the ring, but I have come to really respect Lomachenko’s Opponents as much as I do him.

Lomachenko and his fights have restored the Artistry of Fighting, in a way MMA has completely destroyed the Art of Fighting and the Beauty of the Pugilist.

When you think of fighting now, it’s become an industry of trash talking ingrates and pusillanimous fools, actually attempting to mouth off sufficiently enough to also expose what dastardly clowns they are willing to be for the sake of attention, ticket sales and popularity.  It’s the traditional formula for a circus and this kind of propagandizing will too run it’s course and after it’s shock appeal wears off, we will realize how boring we’ve become and hopefully will return to appreciating real skill, art and actual courage that comes from the heart of an athlete.

When you are a fighter you see fights differently.  The more experience you have, the more you understand.  The less experience a person has, the more you hear them mouth off in the most obtuse of ways.  The mouthing off is mostly an act of bravado.  Someone who wants to be a fighter and wants everyone else who they can get to listen, to think they are the fighter, only they think, they are.

I have heard and read about all these “trainers” mouth off negatively about Lomachenko’s opponents quitting.  People who couldn’t last a minute sparring with Lomachenko’s opponents going off at the mouth in all sorts of distastefully colorful ways as a way of highlighting what they think they are demonstrating to be a kind of bravado, in a way that is as insipid, the same way they make their bravado so loud.

Every single one of Lomachenko’s opponents have courage that nobody could understand.  To put your career on the line against a boxing anomaly takes a bravery that many of us know nothing about.  When you are in the midst of trying to build a career as a fighter, so many look for a strategic way to climb the ranks and Lomachenko is a caliber of fighter that NOBODY would dare to encounter during their climb, to go up against someone with this kind of skill is suicide.

What I absolutely love about Lomachenko is that he is really the Gentleman Fighter.  He is someone who uses incredible intellect combined with athletic abilities in a way that nobody has ever entered the fight world with.

You can see the Technical Mastery of the Bolshoi, seasoned generously with a technically intricate, Philharmonic Symphony he plays with his hands and then there’s the footwork of Fred Astaire with a Misty Copeland elegance.  This is what makes Lomachenko such a gift to this world of boxing and also to the world of fighting in general.  He has never acted a clown or a fool for the respect he has earned, because he does his work and lets his work speak for itself.  He is a poet and doesn’t diminish the character of a fighter by acting like the fools who want the world to know they are “fighters”.

There is no trash talking before Lomachenko’s fights.  I truly respect his opponents more than I can say.  I respect them from the moment they chose to sign on the dotted line to give us something different to experience is in this world of boxing and hopefully we will all start learning the value of fighting which is not always about who has the fortitude to throw down and fight the hardest and longest, it is also about knowing when you have just more than met your match.

There is NOTHING WRONG with NOT CONTINUING a fight when you’ve known you’ve been completely outclassed.  When you have the intelligence to know when to stop, so that you can live to train to fight another day.  When you just know, because nobody knows you better than you and when you hear yourself tell yourself something, LISTEN.

Like Tai Chi Chuan, fighting too is just judged by the eyes in a world over-run by the eyes, the eyes, the eyes.  What you think you see is about 1% of what is real and whatever it is that you think you know, someone else also sees it so differently.  Which is why, you need to know you and not give waste to wondering what the hell anybody else thinks.  People are always thinking what they think as much as they forget what they think.  So, when you think something is best for you, listen to you, because long after people’s opinions about you fade along with their memories of who you were in that moment they were there, you are still going to be You, to You.

To those two gentlemen who were brave enough to teach us another side of boxing, thank you.  In a world full of people who are much too full of themselves, hopefully this era of fighters will keep us on a path of what it really means to be tough and that is, sticking to your guns, taking challenges greater than any challenge you have ever encountered.

If you are always “winning” in life, you aren’t really challenging yourself.

If you are the smartest person all the time, you are wasting your life the wrongest way possible.

If you put other’s down for their bravery in trying, you are just a coward of another kind.




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