When we think about using our body for a punch, we have become so unprogrammed by the nature of our unnaturally, unnatural “learning environment’ that we forget our bodies are made up of parts meant to function as a whole and what occurs naturally is felt, internally.

We are not made out of parts that work individually, our parts are not actually working unless we always function as a whole.  Muscling movement and Flowing with movement are what separates Tai Chi Chuan and our Body Mechanics from the rest.

While we may get independent body parts to physically function, without the internal connection of whole body coordination we actually break our bodies down instead of nurturing our health by always functioning as a whole.

Only when we function as a whole are we able to learn and understand what to listen for, listening is the only language our body speaks, but you have to have a silent internal state to be able to sense and adjust for what is needed to adapt to the task at hand.

Punches are always misconceived as the “fist doing the punch”, but without the full body awareness and body mechanics of your own actual nature, you have absolutely no punch.  You have a physical movement with a balled up hand of fingers and eventually will suffer fatigue just from thinking you need to create the tension of a balled up fist to punch.  A balled up fist actually creates unnecessary friction, tension and separates the balled up hand from the mechanics of its body.

I love how dad breaks down the punch for different people and different classes to communicate the actual mechanism of the punch.

In this video he is working with Kyoko, a professional dancer and exquisite human being.

For those fighters out there, here’s another thing for your brain to digest with the mind so that you can speak with your body movement…

Your fingers actual guid your knuckles to the punch.

Your energy expands from within.

Your punch originates from your big toe and ends at the tip of your fingers.  This end to end expansion of internal energy is just everybody’s natural internal energy flow, chi, but you just have to have the ability to expand with the body without the mind interfering. Just feel it and flow with it.

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