Energy never lies and there is nothing more magical than energy.

My life, is the same as everyone else.  We are all the same in the same intriguing way that makes us all different.  It is the differences of our differences that make us the same, the same way it is our similarities that make us all uniquely different.

We are magical beings and it’s those Magical Moments that make us all feel sublimely unique and wonderful in the Magic of our Life’s Moments.

Nothing is more real than Magic, because nothing makes you feel as deeply as Magical Moments.

Anything you don’t “feel” isn’t really real to you.  Life is about discovering what makes you feel, to you.

My Magic is purely created by the synergy of people I have in my life.

My Magic are my People and my People are unbelievably Magical.

We meet those who are good for us, we meet those who are bad for us and the magical balance of the two kinds are what creates the spells our lives which fill our lives with life.

I go through crazy phases in my life which are always influenced by the content of people in my life.  I am either clearing house or making a new home.  It’s a cycle I go through regularly because not all people will always be your people, but your people, when you find them are just purely magical.

I’ve met good people and I’ve met some not so good people, the inauthentic, the ones who are around for the attention they will create by briefly manipulating facts about who they are, what they’ve done and then eventually, the mask falls off and you get to see them for who they really are.  The funny thing is, these people seem to always think they have the whole world fooled, but when you look a bit closer you realize they are actually trying to just fool themselves.  It isn’t about anybody else, it’s only about them.  The make believe world they try to brainwash themselves into believing daily.  It’s a mental illness, born out of Personal Dissatisfaction, Blooms into Narcissism, Maintained through Gas Lighting .  It’s confusing if you are genuine, but being genuine will also be what speaks the truth to you, eventually.  I often wonder how these kinds of people live their everyday life masquerading, trying to create magic from dishonesty and lies, but you can’t make magic, magic happens to you, it is innocent and it is a beauty that only those who are honest can be gifted.  It’s as though, when you clear the clutter out and are free from the bullshit and lies, magic finds you, constantly in the most unexpected places and at the most unexpected times, because the magic of magic is that it just happens to you out of nowhere and it seduces you just right, each and every single time.

I truly believe that there is an honesty about the universe that will not let the right things happen for you until you start doing the right things for yourself.  Getting rid of inauthentic people is the most rewarding gift you can give yourself.  Life stalemates when you don’t get rid of bad energy and people are all energy beings with different frequencies.

Lately I have had the cyclical task of increasing my signal strength by getting rid of the negative frequencies and it has been so incredibly rewarding.

You don’t realize how badly someone’s unspoken intentions are affecting you, until you sometimes hear a bit of their unspoken intentions, spoken behind your back.  People of this nature have big mouths, pathetic egos and nonexistent lives of their own.  People who want to try and manipulate people have absolutely no solidarity or strength of self, they are empty, they have no conscious and unless you act how they manipulatively demand with smiles, sordid and unsolicited and very unsavory advice which they seem to find a very gross pride in.  As much as they think they are superb, they know they are not and their toxic energy, their diminished sense of self, will only plague everyone they encounter, especially if they see you as their ticket to the show they wish to be their life.

The instant your gut senses this energy, do not try to be kind or understanding, get away.  A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots the same way your life can’t become theirs, no matter how hard they try.  The only thing they want from you, will also be why they hate you.  People like these are a breed all of their own and they should be left alone.  Energy never lies, so don’t lie to yourself when you “feel” what you are dealing with.  You are not paranoid, you are right.

The greatest thing about Life is that it doesn’t waste a second making up to you, what you should have listened to from the start.

Life will keep sending you the same message until you finally listen and learn what you are meant to, so that you can elevate yourself to fit the life you are meant to be living in.

I guess I just wanted to say a quick Thank You to life, for making me wait until I was ready before it got things to start going so perfectly right.

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