This infancy of the Fitness Industry has also born the Epidemic of Fitness Injuries and with that, The Rehab and Recovery Industry.

I’ve never seen so many people taped up, braced up, ace bandaged up or on their way to cryo-treatments.  It’s cool to be an athlete now, so everyone has to act all versions of the “suffering” athlete who work so hard on their body, but for what?  What I’m asking is, what are these people injured from?  They aren’t needing to get ready for a tournament, they aren’t really athletes, so what is it about their training that actually causes many of their physical injuries?  They aren’t training for any other purpose than for the appeal of how they come across physically, how they… Look.

Everything is external and when the internal is absent, which makes things void of feeling.  Without feeling you are only physically muscling through movements as perceived only, externally, by the interpretation of our eyes.  Externally, you don’t move from the origins of feeling, which is movement.  Movement, an internal expansion of energy which flows, automatically adjusting to your own actual abilities of movement and your environment.  So, if something hurts, you feel it and have the sensitivity and sensibility to adjust and from this area of feeling you know that in order to progress you need to avoid injury and “build-up” to where you want to get.

When we function internally we are listening beings.

When we function externally, we are unfeeling, so we need to be told and can only act according to the instructions we think we hear.

The fitness industry now is mostly external, which is why Tai Chi Chuan is beginning to grow in popularity.

Now that people are actually using their bodies, we are also becoming aware of the need, to know our bodies.

Fitness, when it’s done right, is NOTHING about taking selfies and involves the Brain’s abilities to Connect with Mind, which then translates into the Physical Interpretation of what it is you are feeling internally.  If you aren’t your own selfie, you aren’t doing it right and this involves everything that actually being selfie obsessed is nothing about. What you see is turned inward and your physical movement, reflects only what your internal abilities are and let’s hope that goes much deeper that the reason why the word “selfie” actually does exist today.  Wow, are we actually giving depth to the word “selfie” here?  Cause, you really should be your own “Selfie”, in the sense that, we should only ever be a physical representation, reflection of who we really are inside.  If you’ve ever read any of my other blogs, you would realize how much I detest the two faced and those whose enjoy wearing masks.

When molding your fitness routine, make sure your physical routine also engages you on a level of feeling where you are approaching your time as a lesson about you and your relationship with your body.  Do things to discover new feelings and feel the same feelings in different ways through different movements.

Fitness is the brain connected with the feeling of the body’s physical movements, it’s your most intimate time that you get to spend with you.  Your workout isn’t just about sweat and aching muscles.  The sweat and aching muscles are just a result of the hard work, you are putting into your relationship, with you. This should actually be your most exciting time for you, it isn’t work, its about discovery.

Fitness should always help you discover the limitlessness of YOU.



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