Most Westerners don’t understand what Silence and Meditation are actually about.

I didn’t even really know what it was about, but I always did it, in my own way growing up, how couldn’t I? I grew up around this stuff and one constant I always remember was watching dad and always loving the way I felt being around my father, not just because he is my dad, there was something else, that kind of something else you can only pick up from the feeling of being around someone that teaches you to the warmth and feeling you find from being around them, to come from within their own being, so I wanted to search for it in my being.

Watching dad growing up was beyond what I saw at the school.  I actually watched dad more outside of the school than I did in the school.  I always enjoyed watching him quietly figuring things out.  He always seemed to be swimming through his mind non-stop and it always just feels so comfortable being around him, unless I did something naughty, I knew was naughty too and I was worried about getting caught… I wonder if this was me actually telling on myself in a way, because dad’s Master Language is Energy and no matter how much I tried to hide my guilt, I never really could.  Lying sucks, it feels gross and I was raised to understand that lying was an insult on so many levels, especially to those who raised you, nothing is worse than an insult to your parents.  But, kids always have to learn the hard way, or maybe it’s that kids have to learn from feeling, from what we do.  Words mean nothing, it’s the action that gives these spoken sounds their meaning.

Western eyes look at Meditation from an outward perspective and try only to achieve the physical look of a person meditating.  So, the Practice of Meditation usually begins in the West with people playing “Pretzel” or some version of “Twister”.  What I find a bit ridiculous is that people will suffer in their poses and try and hold the pose long enough, trying to look peaceful in the face, for as long as possible, this is not meditation, this is just absurd, but if you haven’t learned the internal, it’s understandable that you would take an outward approach to internal medicine.

Silence, if you are raised on purely western ideals, you look for the dictionary definition of Silence and you think it has everything to do with hearing a pin drop.

Silence, as internal medicine is all about you turning your gaze inward so that you can initiate your internal energy flow.  Silence restores your “Feeling State”, so that you are brought into the Present by your “Listening State”.  It’s about establishing your liquid state so that you can clear your blockages and strengthen your flow.  It is a state that the physical would only disrupt and where Stillness has the most Movement.  Nothing is faster or more complete than the cycles of your energy flows.


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