What is Intellect?

I was thinking about all the questions I get about eating healthy, working out hard enough and how to live healthier.

Here’s the honest truth, there is no absolute way of living healthier, or achieving balance, until you learn to feel yourself, listen to yourself, because you are always getting to know yourself better.

We are not meant to nourish from our intellect, we are meant to nourish from the feelings our bodies speak to us with.

As far as diet is concerned, what is actually best for your own self, is maintaining a diet similar to the diet you grew up with.  Your body was building itself from the nutrition you were given growing up, this created the development of enzymes during your development that your body is programmed with and while varied nutrition is important, the way your foods are prepared is important too.

For instance, I grew up eating a balanced diet, but my Chinese upbringing didn’t incorporate raw veggies much, so, as an adult I have to be careful of my raw vegetable consumption or I break out in rashes and suffer allergies galore and come down with colds and the flu regularly.  While everyone is preaching RAW, Vegan and Vegetarian as being the Optimal Diet for Longevity, I’ve tried them all and they each almost killed me in different ways and I gave them all more than one chance before I realized that I was being unbelievably STUPID by eating with my Intellect and adjusted to eating the way my father has always preached, which is to go by how you feel.

Now, nourishing your body according to feeling can only be done properly, once you get rid of all the processed junk in your diet.  No more sodas or processed foods.  NO MORE REFINED SUGAR.  I have preached this before and I’m gonna say it again, it isn’t fat that makes you fat, it’s sugar.  I’ve done the leg work and most of the leg work came in the form of gym workouts after I tested the sugar theory and had a bit more jiggle than I felt proud of.  Once you clean up your diet by just eliminating junk, you will be eating from the the feeling of nourishing cravings, not feeding unhealthy addictions.

When you make the transition to healthier living it isn’t about shocking your system suddenly, this, even if you do it with “healthier” habits aren’t healthy if it freaks your body out and it will usually cause you to ditch your health campaign all together, cause you will feel like crap without transitioning gradually.  It’s the gradual changes that will allow your body to healthily adapt to your new lifestyle, causing you to feel good.  Feeling good is the healthy state you want to achieve, because feeling good is what your body wants to feel with you.

Our bodies are pretty smart.  When we feel something, we should listen.

Now, working out.  This is necessary for all of us, but you can’t try and perform like an olympic level athlete to begin your health journey.  You’ll hate your life if you do this and you might also put yourself in the hospital.  Your physical fitness is purely your time with you, getting you know your body better.  There are exercises we can all do, but we need to exercise according to the physical abilities of our own body.

The reason why there are so many injuries with Yoga is that most people are trying to do something better than the person next to them… The first step of fitness, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.  If you want to learn something, you need to learn at your own pace and adjust that pace according to the feelings of your own body.  We all have an inner-athlete.  We are built as machines that are meant to be physical, this is why we have so many diseases from staying too physically stagnant.  Movement, fitness is what keeps our joints oiled and bodies strong.

This is the magic of Tai Chi Chuan.  I’m not sure if it’s cause we all look so strange when are first learning how to feel our flow, where there is no competitive vibe of trying to look like the person standing next to us, or of it’s that internal searching for feeling, which is Tai Chi Chuan’s approach, that naturally keeps us to minding our own business.

Tai Chi Chuan is the Fitness of Feeling.  The practice of it is so unique and individual.  It is literally all about you and trying to copy flow forces you to access your fluid state.  It is impossible to get injured in a fluid state.  From learning your fluid state you then learn to feel the abilities of your physical state.  Fitness from the inside out is what not only keeps you injury free, it also rehabs bad habits and injuries from those bad habits.  It can be done by all ages and physical abilities.

Tai Chi Chuan isn’t just the physical, its also the brain’s workout.

It is impossible to understand, learn or practice Tai Chi Chuan without the constant involvement of the brain.  The brain is what contributes to the feeling aspect of this art and having the physical body and the brain body working in its necessary coordination is what creates Internal Energy Flow from Body Mechanics.  This learned inner body coordination is also what protects you from injuries, because your ability to feel yourself is enhanced.

We are Machines created by Nature.  Nature is nurtured through Feeling.

Feeling is the Truth we are Meant to Grow From.

Don’t allow your Intellect to disrupt your Growth.

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