With the storm that hit yesterday we ended up having very cozy classes at the school.

So much so, that dad had asked me to join the classes but not to film anything because he really wanted me to listen and be able to engage with him.

I do have to say that I really do enjoy the unique connection and bond that I have with my father. It is something that literally brings me endless happiness and a feeling of fulfillment when I interact with him and he gets excited when I find the right word to hit the point he is trying to make.  I feel as though dad’s mind and my mind really do “get each other”.

I’ve been watching from when I was a child and the evolution of my years of learning and interpretation are incredibly interesting to swim through.  The one thing I remember from the beginning of time is the feeling that dad has the ability to convey through his ability to just be so raw, so honest, so real.  From childhood I remember always feeling dads excitement and enthusiasm for what he does.  I’ll admit, it was a long time before I would ever really understand what he was teaching everyone, but dad’s language is universal, because his language is feeling and I always loved the feeling of being around my dad.  He always made you feel that the understands, no matter what, being around him is healing, because you know you are never being judged, he understands, his silence speaks volumes and you can always feel his support and his belief that you will eventually get it right.  I think this is why I’ve always felt so safe no matter what I was struggling through in life.  When he speaks, it’s never the words that have their impact, its his ability to make you feel, feel in such a way that you have deeper sense of yourself, it’s really beautiful and I am so lucky.

His greatest Power is that he has this incredible ability to Become Invisible…

One teaching skill that I have acquired from watching dad throughout the years is the ability to Become Invisible.

I have had students come up to me after class and just say how comfortable it made them feel to be in my class because they had the comfort of my presence as a teacher, someone they trust, but they also said they felt so relaxed because it was as though I would disappear, even though they could “feel” me, they didn’t feel self conscious because they didn’t feel as though they were being judged or watched, only supported and guided.

The key to doing Tai Chi, the key to learning anything, is to Become Invisible.

To Become Invisible is about approaching your learning from a Feeling State, Internal.

I also mean it quite literally.

Dad always enjoys showing what you did wrong, he’s an incredible mirror, when he shows you what you aren’t doing right and then morphs into his precise body mechanics you literally see his body disappear and his “feeling” dancing through his energy flow.  It is the most incredible subtlety you will ever see, it literally looks like magic, but what really makes it so magical is seeing him transition from your incorrect and mostly external approach, right into his magically internal state.  When you can watch the transition you are transported into this feeling state where the physical literally Becomes Invisible.

For those of you practicing Tai Chi with an outward awareness and self consciousness, try and focus on understanding the feeling of the movement, saturate yourself in watching all different kinds of movement and you’ll find the universal language of feeling in all forms of movement.  Using the eyes to access your feeling state by absorbing the feeling of movement from everything you watch.

I enjoy walking around the city and taking public transportation because of how I am constantly learning about movement from watching people.

A person’s movement gives a unique insight into who you are really dealing with, but you have to have an open heart to learn from the energy that only flows from the keene ability to feel.

However, Becoming Invisible requires the Strength and Power which only exists in those of a Profoundly Humble Nature.

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