What is it about the external appeal that seems to appeal to so many?

It’s a “young” thing to be be intrigued by the eyes, because as we are developing, learning and growing we are all developing our ability to feel and it just feels as though society has become so “young” or, is that we are so “underdeveloped”.

We are in the most advanced country caught within a generation stuck in a state in underdevelopment.

This onslaught of Social Media has created a terrifyingly Narcissistic Generation where so many create their own false sense of self, completely manifested from an actual lack of self.

It is a strange generation of overgrown children who hide behind the masks they create on Social Media.  Why do we limit ourselves this way?

Why do so many limit themselves by holding back from allowing themselves to just be who they are meant to? What are people so afraid of?  It’s confusing and exhausting and so weird to witness people who come off so incredibly interesting and full of knowledge all of a sudden disappear when the pages of their scripted lives seem to have run out.

2017 was an intriguing year of so many people who ended up all having the one same issue and it is the inability to believe in the limitless of their own actual abilities.  The funny thing is, all of these different people have this same approach where they come off incredibly confident and then they just become so dark suddenly.  The closer you get to understanding their actual truth of who they really are, from just honestly interacting with the person they have presented themselves to be, inevitably reveals the nasty side, the angry side, the inner coward they have created and then cower in an attempt to hide.

What is it about people who don’t believe in their own person?

Lies can’t create a life, lies destroy who you are.

There are so many incredible people I have met and had to let go of because of the facade they live their lives behind, but it is the exact need to live behind a false persona that ends up destroying the Unique Beauty that exist in each and every one of us.

We aren’t created to be the same.

We aren’t created to live without faults.

We aren’t created to be perfect.

Nature doesn’t allow perfection.  Imperfection is your Natural Beauty.

Do not limit yourself, if it wasn’t for your flaws, you wouldn’t be so Perfectly Different.

I never feel more alive than the discovery of how to learn something different today, than I did from yesterday.  I have never felt more alive than when dad gives me corrections in class.  I never feel more appreciative than when my friends point out things I need to work on.  I never feel more grateful than when I am given a chance to right a wrong that has been brought to my attention.  All of this makes me better everyday and each day I accomplish correcting an imperfection I hold my head higher, knowing I just made an improvement on the person my parents guided me to become.

A life without constant improvements is not just dull, it isn’t real.

My goal and my father’s teachings have always instilled in me the desire to accomplish what is real in unreal ways.

My parents raised me to read impossible as I’m Possible.  We all are made this way.

Flaws are undiscovered beauty, I hope you use 2018 to love all your beautiful flaws.





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