Everybody approaches technique differently, everyone teaches technique uniquely, everyone learns technique according to their own abilities and understanding of their own Body Mechanics.

Yesterday I had one of the students ask me what I would recommend that he do in order to punch harder…  As a teacher, you have to listen to how your students phrase questions, this gives you a greater insight to how they approach learning and what they perceive as progress.

Punching harder isn’t necessarily a sign of progress.

How you actually approach your training is the truest sign of progress and being asked how to train in order to punch harder is an indication of the desire to learn beyond the punch.  You can only learn how to create impact by not focusing on the power of the actual impact.  Impact is achieved through the accomplishing of the right “feeling”.

There are so many ways people can enhance their individual skills, but what I felt would work best for this person is shadow boxing.

If your desire is to generate more power, you might actually need to focus on cultivating your internal flow, Body Mechanics, Internal Energy Flow/Chi.  Nothing diminishes power, more than the outwardly aggressive actions associated with power.

Actual Power is an Internal thing, always.

Everyone’s approach to generating power is usual about hitting the bag longer and harder, but if you aren’t maximizing the looseness and fluidity of your body’s abilities you are only working against your own body’s ability to generate power.  Power comes from an internal language, generated from within, fully utilizing everything that Full Body Coordination Requires.

So, how do you achieve Full Body Coordination?  You slow things down, you loosen things up, so you can achieve frictionless movement, flow.  You work to achieve the full feeling of essential “Nothingness”.

This is where I knew that this particular person needed to be prescribed Shadow Boxing.

Shadow Boxing is so essential to understanding footwork and without a solid understanding and feeling for how your feet work, you won’t understand the power of your Body’s Mechanics.

The feeling of “Nothingness” is what trains your body to become the “Flow”.

Becoming the “Flow” is what generates your ability to create Power.

When you shadow box, you learn about your own rhythm and balance.  You learn your own coordination. You learn to feel.  You feel to learn.  Without an actual target to throw your fists against you learn to gauge you own internal ability to compress, decompress, respond and flow.  Without having something to “Muscle” against you heighten your own ability and internal awareness of where you actually are and where you are, is 100% an internal thing, always.

Shadow Boxing always feel funny when you first start and the goal with shadow boxing is really to keep on doing it until you discover where you are.

The great thing with shadow boxing, you literally cannot not injure yourself, just be careful of hyperextending, but you shouldn’t even being throwing harder enough to over extend yourself in the air and if you are, you are not focusing on the right things.  Shadow boxing, when it’s done right is the same as Tai Chi.  You are inwardly flowing to achieve the right “feeling”.  You’ll know when you finally get it right.

Like Tai Chi, you should always feel a connected “Rooting Out” of your postures or punches.

Always work towards achieving the right feeling, using your own sensitivity of feeling to guide you.

If it doesn’t feel right, just keep at it and feel free to make changes to adjust until you can find how to root all of your movements out.

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