There is no absolute way to Live Healthier or Workout Better.

We are all unique individuals with our own abilities.

The capabilities of our own abilities are birthed entirely from how able we are to learn from ourselves.

I often meet new students and private clients who come to Tai Chi as a last resort because of all the injuries they have acquired from practicing other forms of fitness. One common mistake every single person makes is that they don’t understand that their learning process is about how their own brain begins learning from the feedback of their mind.  What am I saying here?  I am saying that while we all have the ability to hear, most of us lack the ability to actually listen.  Listening is the key to understanding feedback, understanding creates the basis for learning.  Learning is about processing what you hear, according to the feedback your mind gives your brain.  It’s all about how you digest, what you are able to take in from your environment and not allowing your environment to dictate to you.

The practice of Yoga and injuries from Yoga have absolutely nothing to do with Yoga itself.  The greatest problem with exercises like Yoga is that it is an Internal Practice that has been Westernized and therefore externalized.  Externalized by the West, people become focused on the person next to them and looking better than person next to them, rather than listening to how the should be working within their own space of just who they are, themselves.  Pushing yourself is not an external competition, it’s not even about competition.  Pushing yourself is about how well you are able to listen to yourself and balancing your needs according to the environment your in.  If you are one of those people who does “comparative yoga” your fitness issues and you’ll probably find that your life issues have more to do with the fact that you really need to mind your own business and focus on yourself.

Our bodies are pretty incredible at knowing themselves.  It’s time we start listening and allowing ourselves to learn about ourselves, by letting our brains learn from the feedback of our minds.

If you’re more concerned with your outfit before you go train, this is an acute insight into how you are approaching things from a perspective too outside of yourself.

The only way to really look good begins with you feeling good.  Concern yourself with feelings, don’t distract yourself with looks.  Until your mother might start complaining about what a mess you look like regularly, then maybe you could put a little more attention into you appearance, but even that’s just about keeping the feelings good in your life.

All lessons are about our brains learning from the feedback of our minds, listen.


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