All the muscles in the world really don’t mean a thing when it comes to the actual Power of an individual.

Your True Power, its an internal thing.

Your actual body power comes from inside.

Power comes from your Body Mechanics.

Body Mechanics is an internal language spoken in feeling.  Feelings are your body’s way of communicating with you, but you have to listen and in order to listen you must create an Internal Environment of Silence.  Silence is the ability to flow, fluidly, internally.  Your Internal Energy Flow is your key to your Power, your Power is your “Chi”.

When students come in fascinated and confused by all these ancient terms it is so important to explain this strange vocabulary so that you can really engage your students in the learning process.  The responsibility of a teacher is to simplify what always seems and sounds foreign and complex.  Engage your students to think and you will flow enjoyably and endlessly.

Never forget that while we are all unique, which means we are all the same.  There is nothing superior about anyone because we each have superior qualities which are entirely unique to each of us as individuals.  We are the same because we are different and we all have the ability to become the most Powerful version of ourselves, but we have to approach ourselves from the inside to learn about who we are.  It is only through discovering your own self where you can discover your unique ability to feel and understand your own Body Mechanics.

When you learn to feel yourself, this is your true power.

Your ability to Feel is your unique Super Power it transcends Intellect because the ability to actually feel is a language that cannot be manipulated by the Mind, because it originates from a place much deeper and honest than starting from a place, brought to you by the Mind.

When you can adapt to living from feeling, your Mind naturally adapts to the honesty of feeling.  Feeling is where flow begins and the mind is meant to follow.

“Chi” is birthed from living the “Feeling Way”, which is your Internal Energy Flow.

You can only truly Nourish from the ability to listen to what you Honestly Feel.

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