IMG_4163Fitness is about Self-Care, but Fitness, in this country with the wave of social media, has created a demented sense of outward self worth, having nothing to with Self or the Care you should always take when it comes to Taking Care of Yourself.

I find it baffling that we have gone through an evolutionary process of devolution…  We have devolved into not knowing how to communicate with ourselves.  We don’t know know how to listen, we have become a generation obsessed with what causes Reactions over the Power of Response.  We think Power is what we constantly Show, rather the understanding Power is an Internal thing and it’s all about how well you know yourself, respect yourself and this all comes from how you keep learning about yourself.

What I also find a bit disappointing about this generation of “Enlightenment” are the people who take advantage of people seeking to know themselves better.

I’ve heard it all.

One thing I always get perturbed about is when healthy people get put on “treatments” by those who practice eastern medicine as a was of cashing in on peoples’ innocence and sincere desire to live healthier.

The desire to live healthier has much less to do with the amount of money and time you commit to “treatments”.  The desire to live healthier begins with how you educate yourself about your body and how you learn to think about improving your quality of life through practical means.

I feel that the greatest quality about our school and our approach to Wellness is that we demystify what has been created to seem mystical.  Truth is, there is nothing more mystical than who we each are as individuals and there is nothing greater than discovering you, your needs, your boundaries and your limitlessness.

When you become conscious of Self Care, understand that the first step to understanding how to live healthier is also about taking a look at your life and detoxing in all ways, not just sweating things out and doing these dangerous fad type detoxes.  The body is detoxing all of the time in order to achieve balance.  Balance isn’t just a constant state, balance is a state of constant work.

If you are just trying to learn and understand about Self Care try this…

Take a look at your life right now and think about what your daily routine is like.  Who you talk to regularly, how they make you feel… People often time forget that Self Care really does begin with the company you keep.  The company you keep, is the Energy you absorb and some people are just not good for you, so many people today aren’t even good for themselves.

Next, be conscious of what you are not only eating, but what you are putting on your body.  Anything and everything you give to your body is a form of nutrition.  Health problems such as colds and allergies may not only be because of outside elements you are having a reaction to, they could be a caused by the clash of toxic outside elements you have introduced to your body by the use of conventional skincare and processed foods.

As you identify how you have been treating your body, you and only you can know what your body really needs for your own unique balance.

For instance, my skinfood business, the actual creation, labeling and packaging of my products is part of my Self Care routine because part of what makes me happy and keeps me feeling fulfilled is doing my part to help take care of people better and educating them about how to care for themselves better.  It makes me feel good, it makes me feel whole, it just simply makes me happy.

Now go take a bath, I suggest adding some Magnesium Malate to help detox your cells while infusing your body with minerals and add some essential oils too.

If you have my products, trying rubbing some Green Tea Butter on before your bath and then soak, it creates an nutrient infusing body soak you can’t get anywhere else and it’s in the comfort of your own home and Skinfoods boost your Immune System because what you rub on is actual nutrition, free of parabens, it’s about approaching beauty as a result of enhanced nutrition.

This is what Self Care is really all about, how you nourish yourself and how you constantly detox yourself.

Nourishment is Detoxifying, always and that includes the energy you keep around you.

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