IMG_4113Ok, so maybe there is one Secret to AntiAging, but it’s not even really a Secret, it’s just about You, constantly rediscovering You….

AntiAging is about how well you nourish yourself constantly, nourishment only comes from all things Organic and this includes People and the manner in which you Maintain the Organic Physical Abilities you are Capable of.

You are created Unique by nature, which means that only you can actually figure out what are the best forms of nutrition for you.

Nourishment comes in many ways.  It’s also about how you take in everything around, how well you understand what you are using in and on your body and how well you are able to physically adapt to activities and diversities.  It’s about how you learn to Respond, over our seemingly innate abilities to React.

Response is nourishing because it is a balanced interaction.  Regardless of what the interaction is, Response is the mechanism for achieving Balance and Balance is what staying Healthy is really all about.  Balance stems from a place of inner peace and the desire to understand and adapt.  Adaptation is strength and is the Organic journey to Power.

Becoming your most Powerful you begin with an internal Relationship you have with yourself.  How well you constantly learn to understand yourself, your needs. How you choose to achieve fulfillment reflects in your overall health and balance as an individual.

Knowing YOU is the ultimate secret to AntiAging and nobody knows YOU, better than YOU, but if you are hiding from your true self, that mask you wear will inevitably fall off and the only fool you will be fooling is yourself.  The thing about being Organic, it’s not just about the food you eat and the products you use on your skin, this is how you are created by nature, it’s how we are all created by nature and if you try and fight nature, your true inorganic self, organically reveals itself for those of an Organic Nature to See.   This is why lies and manipulation don’t work, nature always reveals a fool and always displays a blemish.  No matter how hard you try, you can’t fight nature.  Nature will inevitable, Organically Reveal You.  This is how Nature has existed, Organically from the Creation of time.  You can’t defy Nature, because anything the fights Nature becomes destroyed.

When we don’t listen to our body’s needs, this is when wear and tear happens, this is what we associate with the aging process.  When we don’t listen to our gut, this is when we fall victim to people who live lives off of victimizing others.  When we don’t know how to nourish from feeling and instead use our intellect, this is when we take on “healthy lifestyles” in very unhealthy ways.

Living healthier is about creating a Lifestyle from Organic Nourishment and this begins by clearing out the processed poison that also come in human forms.

When you eat processed foods, you overwhelm your body’s organic system with toxic foods that creates chemical dependencies where you end up eating from a place of addiction, instead of nourishing healthy cravings.

When you surround yourself with people that have agendas outside of what Organic Friendships are about, it throws off your own self on an energy level and you become mentally confused, unable to feel the goodness of what actual good company is about.

When you approach fitness from an external approach, you learn yourself less and this is where injuries and the breaking down of your organic physical system happens.

When you approach Aging from an external perspective you look for ways to “Cover-Up” what needs to be healed from the inside and without a constant reeducation of what your changing needs always are, you cause your body to fall apart.  Everything on the outside, so much so we have neglected everything on the Inside.

Never forget, we are all Organic Creatures and Nature is also very forgiving.

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