Take a moment a think about the Environment you are living in.

What came to mind?

What did you feel?

How do you feel, now?

I’m pretty sure most of us thought about the stressful feelings we have, but did you stop and think about how the life you are choosing to live actually creates those stressful feelings?  Now think about a time where you have stressless feeling.  What do those two opposite feelings have in common?  YOU

Our Response to our Life is a Mechanism for eliminating Stress.

Tai Chi Chuan is a tool for creating our own Internal Stressless Environment, because it is about training us to Listen to our feelings, the connection to those feelings and also the source of feelings outside of us that either contribute to the balance of our stressless environment or pull us away from our stressless environment.

Why do so many of us allow ourselves to fall victim to creating the environment of stress. After-all, it is what we allow into our lives which affects us, right?  Why do we allow stress to become a part of us, instead of allowing the stressless acceptance of our lives guide us?

Stress implies the impossibility of solution.  It’s your life, your rules, your own internal environment of you that you find and/or create the solutions.  No matter what there is always a solution, but you have to listen, really listen to your own inner-voice to what is best for you.

Tai Chi Chuan is the Reverse Stress because it is a practice that constantly keeps you, connected to you.  There is no language more honest than what you speak to yourself and there is no better teacher than your gut feeling, but it depends on how well you listen and if you listen to flow with the humble honesty of nature or if you listen to go against nature. Nature is always honest, if you fight the honesty of the Nature that guides you, you only work against yourself, becoming untrue, dishonest, ugly, you rot and the stench of life decayed by lies is the ugliest kind of energy any living being can emit.

Sense of self, is the basis of truth.  Truth, births honesty, honesty is universally felt and from that grows kindness. Kindness is superior to all, because it comes from a place of humble purity.

If we can create the Environment of Stress we also have the ability to create an Environment of Reverse Stress.  Just listen to yourself, honestly and surround yourself with people who choose to do the same.

Karma is a Mirror… Do you like what you see?


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