No matter what people say, watch what they do.

This is something my father has always said to me.  As kid, I never understood this, because I grew up in an environment where the people in my life were always really straight forward and you never had to question what they said, because they never created the feeling of disappointment from the result of their actions.


No matter what people say, how they make you feel is he inevitable truth.  Even if they make you feel badly, the truth you learn from the feeling they create is always a thing of beauty.

Keep the people who make you feel good and appreciate the people who don’t make you feel good for revealing their true selves so that you can remove them from your life to stay focused on the good.

I have to say, the not so good people in my life, really help me have greater appreciation for the really good stuff in my life.  There’s nothing better than the people who help you appreciate the good stuff, better and this subway performance had me feeling super good and much better.

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