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I’ll admit, I enjoy looking at my activity tracker on my iPhone, it’s fun to see how “active I am in a day”, there’s just something rewarding about seeing how many steps you took and there’s also something encouraging about seeing when you don’t accomplish as many steps as you have on other days.

We are all born with these things called feelings.  This thing called feelings that so many of try to suppress for all sorts of reasons and in all kinds of crazy ways.  The thing about feelings, they are your inner truth and you cannot lie, hide or avoid your truth, doing so will only drive into madness and/or stupidity.

There is a distinct difference between ignorance and stupidity.

Stupidity has to do with actual conscious act of trying to deceive the truth.

Ignorance is just a lacking of knowledge, although people will distort it’s meaning to sound as an insult, we all lack knowledge, which where the thirst for life and living is constantly renewed through actual learning and the immeasurable joy that comes with the lifetime acquisition of knowledge.

Intelligence is something we all possess, in different ways, which also makes us all the same.  We all have a unique intelligence and this goes back to our Organic Nature.  Nature intended us all to be different, because diversity is what strengthens. To stay the same is the anti-nature and even nature shows the weakness in this flaw when it comes to inbreeding.  We are meant to travel outside of ourselves to strengthen and discover our own unique self.  We are created feeling beings.

Feeling supersedes Intelligence and nature proves this over and over again.

Feeling creates the ability to adapt because it is the only way to remain constantly present.

Your state of Presence is an indication of your Healthy State.

Presence is the glue which fuses the Mind/Body/Soul, keeping you in your most Powerful State.  Without a constant awareness of where you are, you can’t know who you are.  Presence births the ability to adapt and adjust, according to the needs of your healthy balance and nobody knows you or your needs better than you.

If you’re hungry, eat.

If you’re thirsty, drink.

If you’re tired, rest.

Learn to listen to yourself.

Health and Balance have ZERO to do with elements outside of you, telling you when to eat and when to drink.

All the Apps in the world cannot replace your most Intriguing App of all, your Mind which automatically engages the Hardware of your Brain to function with the Machinery of your body.

Hunger, Thirst and Rest are Feelings your body speak to you and rather than telling your body what it needs and when, you should learn to Listen to when the needs of your body speak to you.

How do we do this?

It’s very easy, you take it one step at a time and you SHOULD NOT overwhelm yourself with “healthy” habits that are too unrealistic to achieve.  Take baby steps, learn about yourself and educate yourself.

Begin by Eliminating Processed foods and Drinks.  Just start by doing this gradually.  You will notice that you will begin to feel different immediately.  Introduce one new healthy food habit each week and stick to it.  Any sugary drinks, replace with just water or tea.  You will amazed at the change you feel from just doing that.

The problem is, so many of us have created Addictions which have replaced our understanding of Feelings.

Begin living healthier by doing a simple detox, which just requires the elimination of processed foods.  That’s all, nothing crazy like a liquid cleanse or enemas needed at all.  Just get rid of the poison that you give to your body and listen to how your Feelings change.

Never forget, we are meant to nourish through how are feelings speak to us, not what we are told to do healthier for our body.

Your Health begins and ends with You.

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