So I am one of those people who is NOT a fan of conventional medicine.

Conventional medicine chooses to always treat the symptom, rather than the cause of the symptom.  Doing this to the body creates internal confusion and causes more harm to your health than good.

I had the flu, there is still some fatigue I am getting through, but I beat the worst part of it, mostly naturally, because I DO NOT believe in taking things to lower the temperature my body needs to fight the virus in my system.  Lowering my body’s temperature only aids the viruses survival.

This flu hit me bad in my respiratory system.  I had a cough that was easily remedied with herbs and and essential oils, although I will admit to having taken NyQuil just in the evening 3 times, just to be able to fall asleep.

I steamed constantly with herbs and essential oils, I always had my hotpot on next to me and would add 3-4 drops mostly of my blend of Ravintsara and Ravensara.  I kept the steam going to keep the air, not only clean, but “medicated” with the power of mother nature with essential oils and herbs.  I changed out the herbs 6 times a day and added a couple of drops of two blends that I made.

For those of you who don’t know what Ravintsara or Ravensara are, they are incredible for any colds or serious bouts of influenza.

Medicating with herbs and essential oils kept me from feeling foggy, even though my temperature hit 102!!!

I haven’t been sick in years, so it was actually kind of fun to put all this skinfood knowlegde to use when it came to being sick.  My Green Tea Butter saved my skin and enhanced my immune system which I also added my Amla Serum too, because of it’s rich Vitamin C content.   I applied the Butter and Tea regularly to my armpits and soles of my feet, especially before I got in a hot bath, which I always added ginger and Magnesium Chloride to also.

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