Lately I’ve been getting these two questions several time times, daily.  Which means I have to update my website to answer the lingering questions about my healthy lifestyle and how I choose to share it all, literally.

What are Skinfoods?

Skinfoods are not an invention or creation of mine.

Skinfoods are what Skincare used to be and is actually meant to be, after you remove the fillers and parabens.  That’s all.

I looked at skincare and couldn’t quite understand how this stuff worked, I read all the promises these formulas boast, but more often than not I would end up having endless reactions and couldn’t tolerate the heavy, carcinogenic perfumes which would not only make my eyes water and skin itch, they would give me headaches and the most dreaded of all headaches, the migraine, which can also be brought about by certain kinds of company I have since chosen to eliminate from my lifestyle all together too.

My skinfoods are merely recipes I have come up with after years of growing up with this kind of homegrown knowledge, enhanced and enriched by my lifestyle as an athlete obsessed with health and nutrition.

People are always in search of some magic formula, created by synthetic means, without realizing how incredible actual Organic nutrition is for the health and performance of our bodies.  There is one rule that was always reinforced over my lifetime of experience as an athlete and it is that the body only recognizes organic nutrition, which is why we need to eat organic.  Anything and everything else breaks down our body’s organic systems, creating cancers, diseases and a irreparable break downs of our organically powerfully systems.

After damaging my skin from years of vaseline and abolene used in boxing gyms, I tried healing my skin with conventional skincare.  It made everything worse, but I always noticed all the magical healing ingredients, advertised to actually be foods, in the forms of oils, butters and essential oils.  This spurred my curiosity and after not too much figuring out, all I did was read the listed ingredients I realized that skincare to actually be potions of toxins, with skinfoods added in.  How much sense does it make to use Organic Skinfoods that are combined with actual Poisons, Parabens which when you research them, all primarily cause toxicity of the reproductive organs?  These ingredients are in all of Johnson & Johnson’s products for babies and are used excessively in all Skincare Products available for exorbitant prices at the swipe of your credit card, which so many of so willingly hand over with the hope that something marketing structured for our reading to perhaps honestly seduce us, just this one time. Unfortunately, skincare is much like healthcare, they create customers, not healthy people.

Luckily, I figured out how to fix this problem and it’s done small batch and fresh and provided by my own Organic Skinfood Line called CHEN-Skinhealth.

Skinfoods are just Skincare with the Toxins and Toxic Fillers removed.  This is actual nutrition you apply to your body because, 60% of what you apply to your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream in 26 seconds.  Why?  Your body believes everything you give to it to be nutrition, so it takes what you give to you and shares it with all the cells in your body by depositing the nutrients into your bloodstream.

I cannot take vitamins or supplements.  I break out in eczema every single time I’ve tried to supplement my diet outside of eating organic foods.  With the soil becoming so mineral depleted we have to find ways of making sure we acquire enough minerals.  The only healthy way I can get my needed requirement of vitamins and minerals to stay at my optimum health is to absorb them through my skin foods.  Absorption is another effective way of taking in nutrition and without having access to the Amalfi Coastline regularly I make my own coastline in the comfort of my own bathtub.  Getting clean is also about nourishment.  Nourishing your body is also how your body detoxes itself.

How do you use skinfoods?

You use them almost the same way you would skincare, but you use much less, because skinfoods are filler free and because this is nutrition, depending on what your deficiencies may be, you may gravitate towards particular skinfoods.  There are also all different kinds of the same Vitamin, for instance, Vitamin C.  It comes from many different food sources and should be consumed on a wide spectrum. So, I always rotate my skinfoods and I mix them too.  I notice that during the summer my body gravitates towards the serums and during the winter months I prefer to always finish my routine with a layer of one of my butters.  Sometimes I get really into one particular product and I use it steadily for no more than two weeks, not because two weeks is the limit, but because I my body gets bored of it and I switch to a different product.

During change of seasons I notice I have this habit of using a different serum and/or butter ever single time I feel the need to feed my skin and I become addicted to my sprays, which I also rotate with each use.  I feel this gives my body a blast of nutrition and I just feel really energized and I get addicted to checking the glowing response from my skin in the mirror.

I do enjoy using my sprays and/or toners before apply my serums and/or butter because of my understanding of the chemistry of how the products work together.  Both the sprays and toners all are aloe based with MSM and Vitamin C.  Aloe gets absorbed much faster than water into the skin, acting as a perfect food delivery system and MSM is a sulfur necessary for collagen production and the health maintenance of existing collagen which also preps the skin for absorbing nutrients most efficiently.  Because of the chemistry of these foods, this is why I use them in this order.  The toners all also have Hyaluronic Acid which is just another skinfood magic for keeping our skin youthful and healthy.

I’ve gotten questions about what to use on the eye area.  This again is about personal preference.  Since my serums are lighter, I would recommend these for the eye area, but I’ve also used my Green Tea Butter after and during long flights with incredible results.  Imagine using Flight Time as a beauty treatment?  Here’s a secret about my toners, the hyaluronic acid works wonders for the eye area, keep in the fridge and apply cold to get not just beautiful results, but also a refreshing, invigorating feeling.  When using my toners with Hyaluronic Acid you won’t see results for about 2-3 weeks because this is about nutritionally enhancing your body and this takes time, but the results are always more beautiful than anyone ever expects.  My gay husband complained that it made him too beautiful, lol.

Basically with skinfoods, it’s easy, just use them and as you detox from skincare your body will start to “speak” to you and once you learn to listen your body with ask for particular skinfoods it needs.

Any other questions, please ask, thats what I’m here for.

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