With this Fitness Generation in America still being in its infancy, the age of injuries has also become a new industry, especially in this Americanized idea of how it’s “cool” to walk around all wrapped up and taped up because everyone is trying to be the next superstar athlete, especially those who can’t even demonstrate proper technique and yes, many of these people are actual trainers.

Everyone’s a trainer and everyones a fighter and almost everyone thinks that being an athlete is bringing attention to injuries.  Sometimes I know the injury is bullshit, the person “injured” just bought some kind of tape they learned how to use and you can see they wear their “tape” the way I used to wear eyeliner, in my 20’s, in the club.  Some people are so athletically inexperienced they just wrap and tape themselves up for any kind of pain, not realizing there is a difference between good pain and bad pain.  It’s almost as though they want to identify any kind of physical pain as way of getting into the “athletes only” club.

We are all athletes and all of us have bodies that are designed to look great and feel great.

I am not supposed to look like you and you aren’t supposed to look like me.  You are you and I am me.  We are meant to learn our own selves and how we feel is directly reflected in how we look.

The boom of fitness has lead to a boom in injuries, not because we have become more active, but because we have become more physical, mentally.  What do I mean by this?

First of all, social media has not just brought attention to physical fitness, it has made physical fitness something that is only physical.  Many are consumed with how they want to look and how they want to look is rarely influenced by who they feel they are, but who they want to look like.  Fitness is internal work, not a kind of plastic surgery.

You are meant to look like you, in the body that feels good when it’s eating healthy, sleeping healthy, exercising healthy and surrounding yourself with people who nourish your kind of energy.  Yes, people are part of your mental and physical nourishment too.

Be You

This is all you need to learn and understand to be healthy.

Forget about the pictures on Social Media.

Forget about how marketing tries to sell you on less fat and more muscle.  You are meant to have the balance that you are meant to have.  You aren’t meant to look like the model in fitness magazines and just because you don’t, doesn’t mean you are less healthy than you need to be.

At my most fit I have never had a six pack and I was always a little soft in places, that’s just how my body is meant to be, but as a young girl it was hard to feel good about myself when your family members constantly ridicule your body type, because my thighs were always too big, or my belly wasn’t flat.  At my age now, I don’t care about anything more than how I feel and I’ve never felt better or more in control of my body.

Structure a lifestyle that makes you feel good.

Your body was designed to heal itself, to always maintain balance, to feel incredible.

Make sure the people in your life help you maintain your internal balance too… Energy is such a powerful thing, it effects you even when you are free of the other’s presence.

Choose the Presence of those make their Presence a constant Present to you.

Presence is the only Present that keeps on Giving.

Are you surrounding yourself with those who enrich the Present of Presence?

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