Did you ever stop and think about where injuries come from?

All injuries stem from a lack of awareness.  Because, if we were aware of what caused the injury, we would have avoided what caused the injury.

Now what causes far too many injuries lately is the emphasis placed on outward awareness and a kind of competitive nosiness which is about how to look like the person, we, in our minds thinks is “better” than our own self.  You know the solution to this problem? Mind your own business. Plain and simple.

Your body is your own work, the same way everybody’s own body, is their own work.

Injuries today fall into the category of the need to show off which has nothing to do with fitness, exercise or being healthier.  Today’s western idea of fitness is almost entirely cosmetic.

Actual health and fitness is Mind/Body/Soul balance, which extends beyond being able to say “Namaste”, holding your hands in prayer and bowing.  It’s an internal thing and so many lose the internal by becoming obsessed with who they want to look like, instead of being concerned with who they are meant to become.

Tai Chi Chuan is completely internal.  So much so that only very few can understand it as a young child.  A child isn’t really meant to understand Tai Chi Chuan, because a child is in the learning process of how to feel what they feel and why.

So, I grew up watching this stuff, right?  Everyone thinks I started before I could walk or talk and I’ve heard absolutely absurd stories from children of other Tai Chi masters talk about how they climbed mountains when they were 4 year olds to learn from their father.  I didn’t start physically doing Tai Chi until I was 14 and I had no idea what the hell it was that I was doing when I was doing it.  It was such a foreign way of practicing something physical.  It was also a depth of feeling I just didn’t have the life experience to understand as a teen.  The years passed by and I stuck with my training only because my dad could sense the need for me to be more physical and he nourished that need by throwing me in the Push-Hands class, later I started full contact.

What Tai Chi Chuan does, that no other art does is that it teaches you about you and almost forces you to learn yourself better, because there is no way any pose in Tai Chi Chuan looks like something you can hold better than the next person.  The Tai Chi Chuan form blossoms purely from your state of feeling and the more you look outside yourself, the more lost you get.  You literally do have to focus on the movements and the feeling those movements originate from, or you are just lost, looking around at everyone who is internally focused, feeling more lost because you are not connected with your own inner-self.

Working out does not create or cause injuries, the inability to mind your own business, respect and listen to your own limits are the foundations for most fitness related injuries, which incidentally, Tai Chi Chuan, regularly and with more popularity gets prescribed for rehabbing and strengthening.

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