Just think about how intelligent we are if we can spend our lives, overriding our own natural programming, so much so that we don’t even know how to use our bodies right anymore and we have come to believe that living with illnesses and pain to be the norm?

We are all born Organic Creatures, which is the only reason why we do need to eat organic too.

Our bodies also are programmed to be self sustaining from our natural ability to adapt to the environment around us.  That environment has now grown more complex with the inclusion of social skills which some of us possess and use to be considerate of others and which some of us use to be deliberately inconsiderate as a manner of drawing attention to themselves for some sort emotional gain, but done at the expenses of the emotions of others.  It is up to our own self to either adjust or leave the environments too toxic for us to handle and it is perfectly ok to eliminate people who damage and compromise your Organic Nature.

What is your Organic Nature?

Our Organic Nature is all the same, it is about achieving Balance, which is about the ability to constantly make adjustments.  Be careful of those who are so toxic that they constantly strive to throw any balance off to adjust the environment to suit their damaged needs.  I have known many of this nature and I encounter many of this nature daily.  Many people who come to Tai Chi are victims of this kind of emotional abuse and instead of just getting rid of the people who destroy balance, they practice to find their own balance and I have to admit, it’s not only about Tai Chi that is healing for them, it is the school and the kinds of kind people who are drawn to my father’s flawless, kind, generous, paternal nature.  He is father to all his students and all of his children love him because he has a rare purity and generosity of heart that is nearly extinct now days.  Mostly everyone is so out for themselves and so envious of anyone else they see achieving more than them.  Instead of having a society of people genuinely happy for each other, you have friends stabbing friends in the back, siblings hating their siblings out of idiotic jealousy, partners disregarding their partners success and brilliance and those who think life is indeed their masquerade and parade through life with a mask that always, eventually falls off.  Negative emotions are a type of Organic Nature too, but these are a breed of people who I believe truly exist to remind us of how much we should appreciate the good and how we need to find the support and inner balance we need to dismiss the bad.  What is it about the Organic Nature of those who are naturally so good hearted that they willingly tolerate those of a Negative Organic Nature?  It is an Organic Balance that Nature created and in my own personal experience, all the seriously bad people I have had the headache of dealing with really have taught me how to set boundaries, something I never was very good at, cause I’m one of those people who gives too many chances, always hoping that no matter how rotten someone has spoken to or treated me, that I just misinterpreted their tone and/or intention(s).  After enough chances, I do have to say it is mind boggling how nasty people just have such an inflated sense of entitlement, no matter how disgusting their behavior has gotten, they still feel entitled, maybe this is how they have gotten their way with Organically Good Natured People, they become The Bully, The Psychotic, The Gas-Lighter,  The Manipulator, I could go on and on all day long, but you catch my drift.  Perhaps this is why we do have such a big problem with bullying today with kids, adults and even people who portray themselves as successful professionals.

So, what is your Organic Nature? Stop reading and take a few moments to really just think about yourself, who you are and what you want.  Take this time for you.


You were born doing Tai Chi Chuan.  All of you.  All of us.   Human and Animal.  We are all the same.  Tai Chi Chuan is nothing more than Organic Movement and Organic Movement is the Anti-Stress.  Tai Chi Chuan is Stress Reversal.

It is the flaw of Humans that we think to be above anything else, so much so that we have evolved into thinking we are better than one and other.  Thinking you are better than anyone else and trying to out do others, is not part of our Organic Nature, which is why this method of thinking has crippled us to the point where fitness has become an industry of not just injuries, it has become an external platform for people to show themselves off and an intense breeding ground for the ever abundant Narcissist.  People are obsessed with creating their own celebrity and the problem with that is that Celebrity is not anything anyone controls, but so many covet so much, they do everything and anything to exploit the curiosity of others for the selfishly tailored needs of The Ego, the hunger for Attention, not to be confused with the True Value of Respect.  Social Media has created a platform entirely obsessed with the external and I think many of us know the damage that comes from external styles, because it more about how people want to SHOW what they can do, rather than focusing on what skills you are capable of performing.  External approaches lack the balance of Internal Skill and Actual Skill is unique to us all, which is why we need to understand the depth of our own feeling so importantly.  Feeling is the birthplace of Body Mechanics, Organic Movement.

When you are born, you actually learn to walk all by yourself.  Watch a baby learning their body, it’s all stemming from feeling.  You can even see their gaze sometimes turned inward, when they are figuring something and the cutest time this is noticeable is when a baby is in the midst of a poop, which is all initiated from feeling, the timing and internal gauging of the needed internal pressure necessary to expel whatever it is that needs to come out and we all do know from personal experience that what needs to leave our body can range greatly in consistency.

Our Organic Nature is programmed to always want to achieve Balance, which is why we feel so out of sorts when we are not balanced.

Observe what is natural.  Surround yourself with people who are the good kind of Organic for you.  This will create the right feelings for you internally and once you achieve internal balance you are connected to your Organic Self you will flow into the direction you meant to grow endlessly in.  This is Tai Chi Chuan.










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