Let me begin by saying, I absolutely love the wide eyes of innocent wonder, when people ask me about what it’s like, growing up Tai Chi.  I see the love and respect they have for my father’s legacy of honest hard-work that can only come from a person who has lived a life of Integrity and Dignity.  I know no other example of how people are supposed to be, because of the example of those who have raised me, which is why, sometimes I have found myself a victim of those who were raised without much honesty or integrity.  Often times I trust too soon and catch a harsh burn, but I’m resilient and I choose to learn from my innocent and sometimes, simply dumb, mistakes. We’re all human and we are all flawed and I have always felt that beauty is what you find in the flaws, given that philosophy I should have won Miss Universe several times already, lol.

There are parts of my life that have been incredibly romantic, in the way perfect parents are depicted and it has nothing to do with the storybook ideals of perfection. Perfection has a lot less to do with being “perfect” and everything to do with how you understand, respect and find what is perfect about every situation.  Perfect alone is a fallacy, it does not exist and the word alone implies a lack of growth, because our human idea of Perfect  means that there is no need for growth and that is not only untrue, it is unnatural.  Nature itself does not allow Perfection, if it did all of us would cease to exist. Perfect is unnatural and how we handle our flaws is what makes us beautiful.

My Tai Chi Chuan Teacher, William CC Chen treats me the same as he does all his students.  If I want to learn, I have to go to class and he does not want to be bothered between classes.  When I started learning, I did his group classes, if I wanted to continue learning, I needed to continue going to his classes.  There are no private lessons because there is a blood relation.  In fact, it is the blood relation that I think made my teacher enforce with me that I am no different from any of his students.  All his students are his children and he has no secrets that he keeps from anyone who is willing to learn.  He is our teacher and it is his responsibility to share his knowledge with his family, because thats what family does.  We share with and we protect, each other.

My father, William CC Chen treats me the same as my Teacher William CC Chen.  Well, maybe a little differently. I was unbelievably adored growing up and as an adult my father loves to spend time with me on the punching bag.  Our father/daughter activities are him asking me to “wrap-up” and we just work on punches together, this is how we have fun together.  That is how this video in this blog happened.  As you can see, I am in a dress, I was just stopping in to see my parents and dad says the instant he sees me “I need you to wrap up”.  The only kind of treatment I get that is different because of my father William CC Chen are from those outside of our family.  People who see me as different because of my dad and this has confused and at times made me extremely uncomfortable growing up as my father’s daughter.  I was always raised to understand that we are all the same, but when people don’t treat you “the same” its a confusing energy to understand and grow up with.

Some people have treated me, not the same, in good ways and some, in not so good ways.

I learned that even though you may be blood related, that doesn’t mean you are loved and supported.  In fact, it has been my own blood that has been the most unsupportive, hurtful and betrayed me on several occasions.  I chose to overlook several incidences they thought they were so incognito about, because I know I am not perfect and can be annoying and I have always been loyal to my blood but it reached a point where, enough was enough and the only way to protect myself was to let go of the person who deliberately spent most of our relationship hurting me, even when it seemed we were on better terms.  This is just how life is, but these are also the best lessons which make you stronger and teach you about who the right people are to love, trust and be with.

Growing up dad’s daughter has been a life lesson in the good, the bad and the ugly, but you know what?  That’s what life is for all of us, so, you see, we really are all simply just the same, some of us choose to be better and others choose other ways they think are better for themselves.  It all comes down to who you are and who you choose to be.

It took a long time before I ever understood what Tai Chi Chuan was about and for the longest time I had absolutely no idea what my mother was forcing to teach.  I just went through the motions, but like my father’s daughter I was drawn to the more physically dynamic aspect of what Tai Chi Chuan is also about and when dad saw this, he adjusted his Tai Chi teaching to speak from the language I listened too.  He does this with all his students.

Tai Chi Chuan was a foreign language I took a longtime to understand, sometimes I literally felt like I was in physical pain having to go through these movements in class for a whole entire hour, so I would watch everyone around me and always wonder, “how on earth do they look so peaceful, I’m about to jump out of my skin?”.  It’s so funny to reflect on the many memories I have growing up Tai Chi.

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