I eat right, I exercise regularly and incidentally, I happen to be at the happiest time of my life and I know this because of how I feel.

Eating right and exercising are not new to me, but feeling this good is something I’ve never known, because it was a feeling I’ve never experienced. I’ve had times in my life where I’ve felt better and I’ve felt worse and when I reflect upon those times it always boils down to the people in my life, because the energy you surround yourself with is nourishment or poison too.

How well do you listen to you?

Living healthy isn’t nearly as complicated as this American idea of fitness tries to make it seem. Your health is always directly connected to how you feel and how you feel is reflected in who you are always becoming.

I’ve been a athlete for my whole entire life, so there are some basic things about living healthier we should all know and understand, but don’t because we have all become such willing victims to any kind of marketing which labels itself as “Healthy Lifestyles”.  Your health is unique to you and if you find yourself exercising with your mind, eating with your mind and rehydrating because of an app on your phone, these are actually all the underlying factors for your current state of health and you will never feel healthy if your lifestyle is about what you always have to remind or tell yourself to do.  Health is about the ability to listen.

While the power of the mind is undeniable, the power of feeling is superior and the ultimate state of balance because it combines us the natural way we are meant to be and that is


Health and Fitness has people overly obsessed with how to look, but not how to feel, but get this, they always insert that by following their “plan” or their “method” that you will FEEL better and who doesn’t want to feel better?  Be careful though, if you become seduced by the fitness models used to sell you an industry’s idea of what fitness is, you are approaching health and fitness from the outside in.  Your Health and Your Fitness begins from inside of you and this is where you need to begin.

Eat according to how you feel.  I don’t understand how diet and nutrition has become so much about deprivation and even NOT about actual food.  We need Carbs, Fat and Calories, because these are what foods are made of, plain and simple.  Now, what do you consider food?  The best rule to follow here is, if it doesn’t get processed in your kitchen, it is not food.  If it’s a meal that goes in the microwave, it is not food.  If it doesn’t go off, it is not food.  Shop on the outside perimeter of the supermarket and try to avoid the middle aisles of overly processed, packaged foods.  Food should be the only ingredients in your meals.  It’s really that simple.  Counting Calories is bullshit and avoiding Healthy Fat is what is making you Fat.

Exercise should be a relationship you build with your body.  This is about becoming friends with yourself and making yourself feel good.  Exercise should not be approached from the outside-in, what I mean is, you shouldn’t associate being “fit” with looks alone.  We are all individual and different and need to work within the boundaries of our abilities, so that we can gradually expand those boundaries, this is what fitness really is about.

For those of you anxiously anticipating summertime, I want you to just stop and focus on how you feel, not how you want to look.  You have to begin at a place of comfort with who you are before you can improve on who you want to become.

This brings me to Tai Chi Chuan and what makes it so unique from all forms of fitness.

Tai Chi Chuan is an Internal Martial Art, it begins by making you friends with yourself and it is absolutely incredible to watch yourself evolve through this process and as an instructor it is incredible to watch my students grow from not knowing themselves at all, into the joyful splendor of discovering who they are, endlessly.  I love seeing students go through the familiar journey I went through and am still going through while blossoming into the interesting places of self discovery I continuously find myself discovering in.  It’s incredible to experience all different kinds of athletes come together and discover themselves in the same, but different ways I have too.

Growing up an athlete my parents never took any chances when it came to my health and well being.  I embraced western ideas first and then learned from my father why the traditional ways are actually the healthy way to live and train.

Without the ability to Listen to yourself, no amount of nutrition or exercise you Tell yourself to do will benefit you.  Health comes from Balance.  Balance is achieved by reaching your Listening State.  Your Listening State creates Silence.

Silence is where your answers are able to Flow to You.

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