What does it mean to be a grown-up?

We have all these ideas of what it means to be smarter, how to think better, how to learn better.  Ideas are great, but did you ever stop to think about how much actual “thinking” not only flaws your natural process, but also slows down your ability to actually think?

Let’s think about thinking?  Take a minute and just swim through your mind and feel how your thoughts either connect you or disconnect you from your brain.

Your mind is the blue print of your brain, I stole this wording from dad when I had the inability to articulate what I was so clumsily trying to describe to him, what I was feel as far this separation of the mind and the brain, fully aware of the feeling that they were one in the same and at the same time separate entities.  This is where the learning process becomes intriguing to me because Modern Society has separated the two, instead of enhancing strength of the mind and the brain combined.  We have become a society of the Mind vs. the Brain, moving away from what our innate nature is meant to do, which is Learn from how the Mind works with the Brain.  We have also become a society obsessed with constant comparisons to others instead of just minding our own business and focusing on our own selves.

Growing up an athlete and the daughter of a World Renowned Martial Artist I approached anything I was involved in as a kind of “playtime”.  I was never competitive in the classical way most are, which is to either look at your opposition as the enemy or as something inferior.  In truth, nobody is inferior to anybody, however, it is how you choose to carry yourself which either makes you just as uniquely brilliant as everyone else, or it is you and your behavior which you set yourself below others.  The funny thing is, those who wear the insecurity of inferiority often times try to mask it with an obnoxious overtone of the all too familiar “know it all”, criticizing everything and everyone, instead of finding the beauty in every situation.  I’m not opposed to criticism, don’t get me wrong, critical thinking is one of the most valuable tools to self discovery there is, but there is a distinct difference between a critique, for constructive means and destructive judgment meant for the purpose of criticizing, birthed from negativity by those of a grossly common and toxic nature.

I watched my father always playing in his own little world which I like to call “The Reality of Make Believe”.  Reality and Consciousness are merely a product of where we allow our minds to travel and the freedom of the mind is nurtured by the health of the brain.  There is something I connect to with my dad, as do all his students and the connection is with our inner-child.  He has the ability to connect us to our inner-child, reconnecting those who have lost their connection to their inner-child.  Why am I bringing this up?  It’s all about how to learn… better.

We are all born into our Superior State of Learning.  I was working with a student this morning, Josie Bloom and she mentioned how it felt like we were kids in the playground having fun when I was working on Push Hands with her.  The reality was, once she stopped “thinking” about what it was she was supposed to do and just allowed herself to feel where she was at, the serious look on her face disappeared and was replaced with a childlike smile.  I could see that her eyes stopped searching for what I appeared to be doing and instead her gaze turned “inward”, bringing her to her internal state, her feeling state.  This is the exact state you see a child grow in.  Watching a baby learning to get on all fours, crawl, stand and eventually walk.  You see the gaze of the child to be inward while we kind of idiotically encourage the baby with “psycho-silly babble”.  The kid hasn’t even learned proper words yet and we are speaking in artificially high-pitched tones of overly enthusiastic excitement over something the kid really is learning on their own, while we actually distract them with “baby talk”.  The child does respond to positive reinforcement, but have you ever noticed that when you break the child’s internal focus, the little buttercup usually falls flat or onto their bottoms?  Are we actually nurturing kids to become distracted when we pull them out of their focus during their highly developmental stages?

In reality we do not teach children how to walk, we overly stimulate them to become distracted from their focus most of the time.  We don’t teach each other how to run and we don’t have to take lessons in how to jump, why?  Because these are all things our body’s are built to do and learn with the internal mechanism of feeling which stimulates and drives the learning process along.  When our Minds distract us from the understanding the internal feelings we are naturally built to learn from, this is how we unlearn the learning process and replace it with the thought process, which pulls us away from our brains and further into the the trenches of our mind.

Modern Society over trains the Mind, but more for manipulative reasons, other than the desire to actually learn.  The mind has become a victim of the times and the desire of people driven by narcism and greed.  An overdeveloped mind makes a victim of the instinctually feeling brain, which keeps us connected to our body’s mechanics.  A society of overdeveloped minds exhausts the good nature of our primal brains and stunts our learning ability from feeling.

The concept of thought without the balance of the brain is often a toxic combination.  We need to respect the Primitive Nature of our Brains by thoughtfully utilizing the dangerous Power of the Mind.

It is our Primal Nature which is our Superior Learning State and it is how you nourish your Desire which can either Feed your ability to Think or Cripple your ability Learn.

We are meant to thrive in a constant state of childlike wonder, this frees us from prejudice, judgement, arrogance, manipulation and negativity.

I have experienced the wrath of those unable to live in the freedom of their childlike state, they not only cripple those around from being able to thrive, they become their own poison too.  These people can’t grow and they only cripple those around them.  They are the walking dead, which is perhaps why zombie shows have become so popular now.

2 Comments on “Your Superior State and The Sublime Reality of Make Believe

  1. Good Article! I remember observing you discover yourself at a boxing gym on 28th St. as I used it to work power drills on the various bags and focus on interlacing boxing and Karate Punching. It was a pleasure to see and a credit to your dads work. I hope that My daughter has the same proclivity.

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    • Wow, that would be Kingsway!!! Sadly, it’s been torn down. Thanks so much for your comment. You never think anybody is ever noticing or paying attention to you when your in most conscious and present state. I’m happy to hear that you saw the good in my efforts 😉


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