I stole “Constant Action” from dad and this blog is dedicated to the guy who asked about Tai Chi being about constant slow flowing movement.  Sorry, I forgot who you were, but I was listening the whole entire time and if you read this, don’t be shy, tell me who you are!

Tai Chi Chuan is an Internal Martial Art, which means that it is something that only Super Yodas (Mega Empaths) like dad can truly understand well enough to teach through the language of feeling birthed through vocabulary he almost seems to custom tailor to each and every student.  Or maybe it’s that we make the job easy for him by just being vacant in the same ways we also seem to think we know things too.  As with most things Tai Chi you will start to understand the subjectivity of most things and the individuality of all, which makes the power of perspective so incredibly unique and broad.  Perhaps it is the power of speaking your own unique perspective which makes a person so enjoyable to understand, because the essence of life is learning and the power and true genius of nature is to adapt.  Wow, dad really is one of Nature’s Geniuses, that man can really adapt to teaching every and all levels of intelligence, I know, because he never loss patience with me, even though I know I challenged his hope for me at times too.  Intelligence is something we all posses.  However, intelligence is something we don’t always give ourselves credit for.  Too many see intelligence as something they have to show, instead of something we are all gifted with.  Your own unique way of seeing and understanding is your intelligence.  Only those who are truly gifted ignorants lack respect for the individuality and unique quality of intelligence.

Intelligence begins with knowing you.  I did not have one iota of this in my 20’s and it only began to surface in my 30’s.  I always knew myself as my father’s daughter and my mother’s daughter.  The 30’s were my period of self discovery and that discovery would only break through an incredible amount of adversity.  In truth, how much do we ever know about our own selves?  Life is an endless journey of discovery, unless you are one of those self proclaimed know-it-alls who knows everything better than everyone else and does everything better than anyone else, so much so, that you are now truly plagued with the influenza of ignorance, unfortunate not only for the ignorants, but for the people they victimize with judgement, to reinforce their own false sense of self to themselves.  Life is always a cycle and the Ignorant one is a vicious one.

Everything in life is about Flow and Flow happens at its own pace.  Flow stems from feeling.  Tai Chi Chuan is birthed through Internal Energy Flow.  You can’t Flow if you don’t have the ability to Feel who you are and I had no freaking clue who I was in my 20’s and this is why Tai Chi Chuan felt like torture to me.  It’s funny, I do remember dad talking to the class and pointing out how his students who come and pay for his classes exuding this feeling of enjoyment while moving through the form and then he would mention looking at “Tiffany’s” face and she looks like she is suffering to get the form over with.  Yes, dad was right, I just couldn’t understand this thing I was trying to do slowly and it did feel like a form of internal punishment.  Tai Chi Chuan felt like self imposed torture I had to suffer through so that I wouldn’t have to deal with mom lecturing me about my responsibilities as a child of Chen.  However, dad balanced the torture of the form by getting me involved with the physical joy of Push-Hands and San Shou.  This would be my way of internal discovery, because I needed the feel the dynamics of external power to understand how to access my ability to feel who I was internally.  This is most definitely the hard way to learn, but that’s always been my way in one way or another and to my luck, it’s how I have learned my best lessons, because with the absence of the internal, you lack the ability to listen, without the ability to listen you cannot access your silent state, without your silent state you live in this internal state of chaos which causes you to make that many more mistakes and I’ve always believed that the fallacy of mistakes is when you don’t take the opportunity to learn from the lesson.  Being wrong has never felt so good, when you learn the right lessons.  Mistakes are beautiful, unless you are unfortunately, too unfortunate to understand how to appreciate the beauty of it’s lessons.  You have to grow roots before you can blossom, a flower.

Tai Chi Chuan is about following our natural flow.  Flow stems from feeling and our sate of feeling is always indicated by our natural breath.  Ever notice how we can sense something that is authentic and inauthentic by how someone’s true intention is indicated by their natural breath?

Flow requires authenticity, because authenticity gives us comfort in being who we are.  Without the comfort of feeling of being you, you can’t Flow from where you are.  Our Flow is always product of our breath.  Your breath shows you where you are.  The more you find yourself, the better you feel yourself, the more effortlessly you Flow.

Deliberately moving slowly disconnects you from your actual Flow.  Flow requires internal coordination, Body Mechanics, initiated from Feeling, Mechanized through your natural breath.  Do not confuse Slowing Down, with Moving Slowly.  Slowing Down is Inside Job.  Moving Slowly is an External Observation and a Physical Demonstration.

Allow your movements to follow the guided path of your breath, this allows you to access your feeling energy which is always naturally meant to flow.


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