I’ve rarely ever thought of the differences between the two, but like everything with having to do with turing 40, you finally realize how ridiculously smart your parents are and how genius your father actually is.  The relationship between the Brain and Mind is much like the relationship we have with our physical heart and our metaphysical heart.  Watching my parents is also like this magical creation of feelings I’ve never understood and understandings I still am always re-understanding. Sometimes they are also each others Brain/Mind Balance and this comes from only the deepest places of mutual understanding and profound respect.  Again, just a few more things I have been gifted with at 40.  Truly understanding the importance of balance in all areas of life, physical and metaphysical.  Without the health of our feelings we lack full physical well being.  What you see outside is always direct reflection of what is going on inside.

We all basically have the same physical organs, but it is the metaphysical, more than the physiological differences which make us all unique.

The health of our physical body cannot exist without it’s relationship to the metaphysical aspects of what we feel.  What we feel is an indicator of how we are either nourishing ourselves, starving ourselves or poisoning ourselves.

Energy can Feed or Energy can Cripple.

When it comes to diet and fitness we often forget about how we feel and how we should listen to how we feel, gets replaced by how we think we should live.  Intellect can make us ignorant when we replace what we should seek through feeling, which requires listening, by what we think we should be feeling and therefore end up in desperation of seeking.  When you have to think about what it is you are feeling, you have extracted yourself from your most knowing state.  Feelings find you, you can’t seek out feelings.

The Brain is a physical organ which its functionality is kept healthy by the metaphysical aspect of our active mind.  When the mind and the brain are not in sync we are in a state of confusion.  The brain translates the intentions of the mind directly into feeling, sometimes we call this our gut instinct and other times, when our mind travels too outside of ourselves we call this confusion.  Feeling is the key indicator for all that is right and all that is wrong.  Feeling is an internal thing which flows to you once you reach your silent state.

Feelings are a highly unique mechanism for expression, understanding, empathy, sensitivity and kindness.  Some flow with the with the goodness of nature and some utilize their desire for manipulation and control by taking advantage of those who flow with the natural state of good feels.  We are highly intuitive creatures who really do understand the good and bad of feelings.  This same power of intuition has also caused us to manipulate ourselves to not always believing the negatives we are often confronted with, however when its good, our nature rarely questions the sensing of goodness, we choose to flow with, instead.

The brain keeps us connected to our feelings which are influenced by the experiences interpreted by the mind.  The mind is the blueprint for the brain.  The brain is what keeps us wired to ourselves and it is the mind which either chooses to flow with our natural way or learns to manipulate the natural.  Everything we are meant to be is an inside job.  However, Modern Society has separated us from ourselves by extracting the Mind from the brain, further disconnecting ourselves from our instincts which are our primal form of protection.  The more we become removed from our natural states, the more we become confused, the more we seek for what is outside of ourselves and the more we become obsessed with comparing ourselves to others, controlling others and manipulating others.  It’s a domino effect which only cripples who we are really meant to be, because we are replacing ourselves with something we are not meant to be.

Diet.  When we think about diet we also forget that nourishment comes in human forms too.  We need to connect in different ways with different people to understand our own self on our many kinds of levels of intimacy, without the practice of connecting, we too become starved on an energy level.  People can also either drain or nourish your energy, so be careful of the company you choose.  Never be shy to eliminate people who you can feel are not good for you.  Too many people today are suffering their own forms of internal confusion, which they try to use other people to figure out.  It doesn’t matter if they greet you with warmth and a smile.  Sometimes the physical act of a smile can mask the true intent of deceit.  Sometimes the laugh is used as a weapon in a game of passive aggressive greed.

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