Dad said, “Tai Chi Chuan is Constant Action”.  To fully understand what he means by this, we first have understand the meaning of the word Action.  Ironically, True Action is what defines spoken words, spoken words cannot define Action.  Now, just take a moment and think about how you would define Action?

Action, to me speaks a person’s actual truth.  It reveals so much and it will indicate the bumpy road ahead or, when you meet the right people it seems to pave a flawless path.  Now I don’t mean flawless in the sense where everyone agrees and lives happily ever after, I mean flawless in the way where intentions are honest and true and never cruel, manipulative or deceitful.  Where Ego is obsolete.  Envy does not exist and comparisons are never made, because how do you honestly compare what one person seems to have over another when we are all so sublimely unique.  People who have to compare and delve into the details of the lives of others instead of just minding the details of who they are in their own life suffer from the disease of jealousy and that is a disease that only causes those who suffer from it to wither away in a life of constant decline.  It’s a disease where those who suffer from it are only eaten away by it.  It’s a disease that will cause those who suffer from it to ruin the lives of others, because the only way to feel better about themselves is to be unhappy for others and the craziest thing is, those people can’t seem to focus on everything they actually should be happy for.  Those who suffer from the individuality of their own existence by looking at the world from the outside can find themselves from within.  The only Action these kinds of people take are usually against those whom they covet something from.  The same people they want from are the people they make victims of.  Even if they think they accomplish getting what they want, these kinds of people can never be happy, because it is an unhealthy greed from which they are driven.  They aren’t driven by growth, they are driven by the satisfaction of what they feel they can deceive and destroy.  Like it or not, these people, driven by these kinds of Toxic Actions help create the balance and experience necessary for Nature’s Natural Way too.  Toxic Actions are Nature’s Natural way of weeding out the incomplete, selfish and weak.  Only those too weak to be strong destroy trust, friendships and loyalty.

Action, the Natural Way stems from a place of Presence.  Now, what is Presence to you?

To be Present is to live life in the moment.  To exist in a balanced state requires the ability to flow through your listening state.  Finding your listening state is what achieves your silent state and nothing speaks louder than the ability to listen to the flow which is strengthened through your listening state.  I rarely listen to what people say, even when I am listening to what they say.  What I hear is felt from the energy that flows freely and when there’s a shift in energy, the internal noise is much like a screeching halt.  Energy is felt and intent is loud.  Never be fool of someone’s chosen vocabulary, because what defines us extends beyond any meaning words could ever mean.

Presence is the easiest state to exist in and it is the state which all organic creatures are meant to coexist in.  However, the Human Creature has become incredibly inorganic and in a generation obsessed with Gluten Free, I always want to say to people, “How about you try being bullshit free first”.  We create illnesses to explain shitty behavior and the worst is when innocence is manipulated to create control.

Presence is about living in a state of constant Action.

Action is how Nature thrives because it is about maintaining a listening state.  Your listening state is your feeling state and when you feel something wrong, when something feels bad, you better listen to you.  You will never lie to you.

Tai Chi Chuan speaks your truth through Actions.  Truth and Action are an inside job and there is no manipulating what is inside, you can only listen.  Listening is what achieves balance and uncovers the truth.  You have to look inside to find balance.  Anything which throws off your feelings and disrupts your healthy balance is telling you to remove the imbalance.  You can’t do another person’s inside job, you can only leave them alone to understand the work they need to do.

Words can’t speak Action.  Only Action, speaks Action.

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