Training Response is the job of every successful athlete.

It empowers you to stay cognizant of your strengths and skills while carefully determining the strength, weaknesses and openings of your opponent.  It is a delicate balancing act and when applied effectively, pulls your opponent apart at the seams.  Why? Because Response is your desire to impose yourself in a way that causes a reaction from your opponent.  You Respond, so that you can carefully choreograph the right Reactions for your intended win.  This is the difference between the Power of Response and the severe Ailment of Reaction.

Reacting stems from an infantile nature and reveals a lacking of one’s own self.  It is crude, lacks intellect, is tacky and is dangerous to the person reacting, because it is a true unearthing to a depth of ignorance which knowledge and intellect cannot penetrate.  It is an incredible truth serum to understanding an individuals insecurities.  It is void of the ability to listen, because the insecurities of those who live in a reactive state, constantly  speak so loud they drown out the internal voice of logic, reason and understanding because they always need to be right, no matter what the cost, not realizing they are costing themselves most. The habit of Reacting is often times the cover for someone who isn’t exactly who they try to portray themselves to be.  It’s always the one’s who lack the actual ability and skill who over react to everything.  It’s the quiet ones who actually think.  Reactions are always BLING BLAOW.

Response takes a humble, respectful maturity and confidence that can only be groomed through hard-work and diligence.  Response comes from the desire to always want to improve.

Training Response keeps you wired to yourself.  Its a characteristic of strength and strength comes from Coordination.

Fitness today is evolving past the reps and sets of lifting things up and putting them down.  This kind of stuff does nothing to engage your actual body mechanics and our body’s are machines.  We need to move and constantly learn new movement to be healthy.  If you aren’t taking that time out of everyday to learn movement, you aren’t fulfilling your body’s need for a healthy lifestyle.

If you’r body coordination is bad, you have a health problem.

Our body’s are meant to know themselves.

Coordination is a dialect of feeling.  This is your body’s way of playing connect the dots with itself and you should always seek to know you, if you truly intend to want to learn anything else.

Without engaging your body’s desire to stay coordinated you are actually destroying not only your physical health, your mental health suffers too.

The next time you step into your fitness routine make sure you incorporate new movement and watch not only your body respond to learning new movement, feel the invigorating fun that comes from getting your brain to stay engaged from learning something new from itself.

True Fitness is not just about reps, sets and cardio.

Total fitness is about always building a better relationship with all of you and this means getting your brain engaged on an internal level too.

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