I am completely overwhelmed by the beautiful questions I am receiving from the blogs I post.  The purity and heart from those truly seeking self improvement is so rewarding.  Thank you for trusting me with your questions too.

Now, stop trying to do so much at one time.  This is the natural way, this is where Presence comes from.  Staying in the moment your in, until you naturally flow into the next.  You can’t search for feelings, feelings find you.  The only thing you have to do is un-program yourself from the way society has rewired into becoming.  Re-become you.

How do you approach your learning process?

Take a moment and think about this, just for yourself.  Get to know you better, so you can understand how you enjoy learning.

Take your time, there is no rush.  Spend some time with you.

How did we learn how to talk?

How did we learn how to read?

How did you learn how to speak?

Do you know how to listen?

We learned by learning each letter of the alphabet.  We learned how to identify the shapes of each letter. We learned how to identify these shapes with sounds.  We learned how combining these shapes and sounds with each other created new sounds, which can create new meanings and understandings.  From this we learned how to customize these basic understandings to learn how to customize communication for how we see and relate to the world.  None of this happened overnight and none of this can be learned from trying to learn all of it in one step.

Learning happens in phases and layers.  Each layer unearths a newer understanding of not only the new layer, but the layer which uncovered the new layer, which leads to the consistency and exhilaration of what revelations are.

When you are learning something new, approach it the way you would learning language for the first time.

Without getting the fundamentals, you have no building blocks for life.

When it comes to movement, although we may see the layers beyond what is just physically performed, we need to understand what we can see, before we can search for what is felt.  Get the steps, until you don’t have to think about them anymore.  Repeat, repeat, repeat. You have to get the choreography down, before you can access the feeling from where they are meant to flow from.  A gymnast doesn’t just learn a back tuck.  There are so many little moves learned first, which all wake-up the internal coordination of body mechanics and your awareness of them, understood by feeling.  As you keep learning the right feelings and building on learning how to access feelings for more complicated movements, you finally learn how to combine all your experience to execute more sophisticated movement.

Be patient with yourself.

First find out where your feet go.  Once you have created the basis of movement, which is a rooted foundation, then find out where your arms and hands go.  Once you have the idea of hands and feet, try to feel where the coordination of these movements take you and utilize your breath as a way of accessing your feelings so you can flow.

2 Comments on “Stop trying to do so much!!!

  1. Thank you, one often has patience with others, but forgets to apply to oneself…I play daily, not so much to perfect, but to learn more about myself…I enjoy being in the moment of Tai Chi, more than anything, it’s my time to explore my limitations. Thank you!

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    • We are limitless… looking forward to hearing about how you begin to expand beyond your present limits. It’s like a fun game we get to play in our lives and discovering our next level is the richest gift you keep regiving yourself. You’re right, we forget to be patient with ourselves too, such an important thing to remember ❤️


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