Our body is made up of cells.

Cells exist in Life Cycles.  This means they are constantly renewing, regenerating, reviving and dying.  Let me repeat, these cells that make up our body are constantly renewing through Life Cycles.  Not Aging Cycles, Not Death Cycles our existence is created by a whole bunch of cells that have Life Cycles.  This means our Life is supported by the health and balance of the Life Cycles of the cells that make up our body.  These Life Cycles need constant Organic Nourishment to successfully thrive.

In order for our cells to regenerate and complete their Life Cycles we need to provide our bodies with Nutrition.  Nutrition is the gym we provided our bodies on a cellular level.  It is the type of Nutrition we give to our body which determines the Healthy Life Cycle of our Cells.

Nutrition is not as easy as a one dimensional word most of us consider to just be what we Eat.  Nutrition is also about what you do not subject your body to.  Nutrition is about the kind of energy you surround yourself with.  Nutrition is about Physical Fitness.  Nutrition is also about how well you nurture your body’s activity level by the stimulating your skin via massage, temperature and dry brushing too.  Nutrition is about everything you do regularly to keep your body healthy by keeping all the sensations of your body active, regularly.

What works for one person may not always be best for another.

Remember, we are all incredibly individually unique.  Nutrition is a very personal thing and it is a relationship you need to stay actively in tune with.  Nobody can tell you what is healthiest for you or what is best for you.  Vegetarian is not always best for everybody.  I’ve tried it and looked and felt near death each and every time.  Another interesting thing I learned about me, I cannot tolerate eating raw veggies.  I wasn’t raised eating this way, so my enzyme development growing up didn’t develop in a manner necessary for breaking down raw veggies.  For the most part eating raw veggies causes me to break out in eczema.  I also tried the Vegan thing out of curiosity, because I don’t believe in speaking on anything without first hand experience.  That was just a disaster too.  I felt such a unique state of internal confusion from all the processed products made to look like meats and they told me, taste like meats. I was always still hungry, but so filled up with this strange new form of nutrition that I spent such an odd period trying to allow my body to adjust to this new thing, but I finally had to listen to my body and the fact that my my belly became insanely bloated and I was so physically full, but always hungry.  Hunger is the body’s way of asking for nutrition and this Vegan thing didn’t work at all for me.  Nutrition is a Custom job and you have to do what works best for you.  A rule of thumb to stick to is to eat similar to the way you are raised.  Your developing years are when your body’s enzymes are created and this is your foundation for your health and needed nutrition.  The body also enjoys variety, because variety is the body’s way of learning and learning is what keeps the cells of our body’s active and healthy.

This is also why what you use on your skin may work great at the beginning, but all of a sudden seem to stop working.  Your body needs organic nourishment because we are organic creatures created naturally by nature.  Our body’s need Variety, because adjusting to varied nutrition is how our bodies thrive.  Learning is Invigorating. Nutrition is the educational information you provide your body on a cellular level and once you’ve learned something the same way a few times, you get bored, so does the body.  That’s why vacation is so exhilarating, its soul food, it’s a break from the constant run of everyday life.  The same goes for what you put on your skin.  You need to constantly introduce new skinfoods to keep up the vibrant health of your cells and their Life Cycles.

This is why when people ask me, what is best for this or what is best for that, it’s sometimes so hard for me to answer, because the root of your skin’s health problem is a nutritional thing and it could also simply be a soap thing.  Our skin is acidic, Soap is Alkaline.  Soap is the catalyst for the Skincare Industries variety of Skin Conditions.  A Skin Condition is a Health Condition, because our Skin our first line of Immune System Defense and it is also a reflection of the health of our internal organs.

When it comes to Skinfoods, my blends are each all unique and individual.  I wanted to create as wide a spectrum of nutrition available as possible to provide nutritional variations to keep your body’s cells healthily active through all their life cycles.

60% of what apply to your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream in 26 seconds, for your heart to pump to every single cell in your body.  Because your body thinks anything you give to it to be nutrition and since sharing is caring.  Nobody will care for you better than you and this is what your body trust you to do 24/7.  It’s doesn’t question what you give to your body, it shares, without hesitation.

This brings me to helping you understand what is that Parabens do.  Not just to the products they are in, but to you and your health.

Parabens are toxic chemicals which are added to skincare, so that skincare can have shelf lives without any worry of spoiling.  This is completely unnecessary, but it also allows Skincare to create products with toxic fillers, most commonly known as the Product Names of Creams and Lotions.

Creams and Lotions are Man Made Emulsifications mostly made with Mineral Oil/Borax/Water.  Borax is a highly alkaline mineral sold as laundry booster and roach killer which is used to create the Emulsification of Mineral Oil and Water, most commonly labeled CREAMS and LOTIONS.  Mineral Oil is a toxic byproduct of the fuel refinery process, which means, its the stuff that will clog your car’s engine, so it gets filtered out and instead of getting disposed of, skincare uses it to create filler products the infuse with minute amounts of skinfoods.  VASELINE/PETROLEUM JELLY/PARAFIN are also byproducts of the fuel refinery process.

Skinfoods aren’t this magical creation of mine, I just decided to create products without Poisonous Chemicals because I couldn’t find any Skincare Products that were 100% free of toxins in one way or another, so I decided the next best thing would be to just make them myself.

The only reason anything needs to be “Tested for Safety” is because they are testing the safe amount of toxic product they can add to Skincare Products.  Health isn’t created in a Lab.  Health is created in Nature.

Skinfoods are what Skincare would be if you took out the Fillers, Parabens, Perfumes and even sometimes Coloring.  Skinfoods are the nourishing ingredients added to Skincare which Skincare advertises the Health Benefits of, which are often times headline with AntiAging and/or Anti Wrinkles.

Skinfoods are what I have been using for more than 10 years and the recipes I enjoy creating are always about providing the best variety of Organic Full Spectrum Nourishment.

Although there seems to be the same symptoms of aging displayed by our skin or the same appearance of skin conditions, the actual nutritional needs may be very different.  You also have to remember that all the variety of vitamins and minerals necessary for health come from all different kinds of food forms.  Variety really is the spice of life here.

The best way I have maintained my skin’s health and the skin health of my clients is by keeping up the regiment of variety.  When you convert to Skinfoods your body also develops a different sensitivity and feel for what it needs and will convey this through feeling.  For instance, I don’t automatically reach for the same bottle of butter or serum and I don’t routinely apply products after I bathe or shower.  I have a more intimate relationship through the use of skinfoods and I am driven by the feeling of what my body needs.  Your skin speaks to you once you free yourself from the Toxicology of Skincare.

Do you actually understand what it is that Parabens do to you?  Lets break things down, it’s much easier that way.

What are foods/skinfoods?

Food/Skinfood are all from life sources.  Life Source can only nourish Life Source.  It’s the natural way.  Life nourishes life.  This is why fresh is best and rotten food gets thrown out.  Once something is dead, it becomes poison.

What do Parabens do?

Parabens are a kind of Preservative made from Man-Made Toxic Chemicals.  These chemicals don’t Preserve Nutrition.  When preservatives are added to food products they prevent rotting.  To prevent rotting you have to put a halt to the natural life cycle of products, because the natural cycle includes rotting which is the end of life.  Preservatives embalm our food.  the embalming process halts rotting, which means it has to end the Life Cycle which preserves the physical state of the food by altering the nutritional chemistry with Toxic Parabens.  Parabens halt the life cycle of the actual skinfoods in skincare products and through the application of skincare you are administering Parabens to your body’s healthy system.  Parabens are created to end the life of food products, destroying their nutritional value and further poisoning the toxic vessel of filler that is left behind, this is what Skincare actually ends up being, because it creates not only profit for big companies, it also creates customers by creating Health Conditions they label as Skin Conditions.

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