Where does Chi come from?

Let me begin this thought process with some questions which brought me to my discussion with dad and dad telling me

“Yes, I agree with you”

Where are your thoughts processed?

The Brain

Where does your Brain get ideas from?

The Mind

The Brain is an organ of our body, it is part of our hardware.  The Mind is the software provider.  Without the Brain to interpret the language of the Mind, we would have no access or understanding of thoughts, feelings, behaviors, emotions, etc.

The Brain needs the Mind to Feel and this where Chi comes from.

The Brain can function without the activity of the Mind, but this is the subconscious Brain at work.  The Brain keeps us physically wired to our body and it is the Mind which helps vary the activity of the Brain.  Without the activity between Mind and Brain, there is little to zero Chi present in the body.

From the Mind is the creation of Desire.

The intended Desire of the Mind is what generates the actions of the Brain.  Whether it be thoughts that are processed, strategies to be planned or physical action to be executed.  The Mind Drives the Physical Mechanics of the Brain in coordination with the physical abilities of the body.  The Mind is Limitless and it is the Mind which expands beyond our physical limitations.

The elements of thought created by the Mind and processed by the Brain carry out your Mind’s intended Desire and it is the element of Feeling which creates Internal Energy Flow, Chi.

Chi is not as mysterious as many think.  Chi, while it seems intangible because it doesn’t seem to take physical form, it is in fact, what creates your physical being.  Without it’s existence we don’t have life, because life is about the intricate circuitry designed by nature which brings us together within ourselves.  We are created feeling creatures and Chi is the gift of feeling that flows through us.  Chi is what not only connects to ourselves, but also to the energies of others.  This is where you can feel intent and we all can feel this.

Health problems, especially in Chinese medicine always reference health in relation to Chi flow.  Chi is not a mystery, it is the key to your health and it is very, very real.  More real than anything you can see, because what we feel is the language of accuracy.

Presence is the balanced state of Chi.  Chi energizes and sensitizes keeping us connected internally so that we can adapt externally.  It is our own unique personal language spoken to us in feeling and when our energy lacks flow, we know this because we don’t feel good.

The healthy state of your Mind directly affects your Chi Flow by the messages your Mind Sends to your Brain.  You receive these messages in feelings, but you can only feel when you are in your Present State.

It is the western worlds overdevelopment of the mind which cripples the internal ability to feel.  The Mind is meant to communicate with the Brain.  This communication happens in an internally “silent” state where the circuitry is a direct response to the messages sent by the Brain, from what the Brain interprets from the Mind.

There are different parts of the Mind.

The top part of the back of your skull is the Brain in Action, Presence.

The front part of the forehead is the Mind in Action, Not Present.

To access undisrupted Chi-Flow, you need to be in a state where your Brain is in Action.

When you disconnect from your Brain and flow, your Mind is in Action.

The Mind births Desire.  The Brain creates the Action for the intended Desire.  The Action of your Desire is created by Chi, or more simply put, Chi is your Energy, which is where Internal Energy Flow comes from.

Or, Chi is the byproduct of the coordinated Desire of the Mind, carried out by the hardware of The Brain.

Now there are instances where people are left sedentary, sometimes its illness, old age or just laziness.  These people suffer health problems because the Brain needs the Mind to stay in Action.  Without the healthy relationship between the Brain being kept active by the Mind, there can’t exist Chi Flow.

This is where Tai Chi Chuan is The Brain Exercise because this is where your Chi is made to Flow.

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