Timing is everything in life and if you can’t stay in time with yourself, you will never find the right timing anywhere else.

Timing is about listening and the physical act of slowing down doesn’t necessarily mean to physical pause, but it is sometimes the pause we have to hit in life in order to catch up with ourselves.

Tai Chi is not about moving slowly, although this is a popular way of interpreting an internal art form, from how it appears on the surface and it is a surface kind of world we are living in.

Balance does not come moving slowly, but slowing yourself down is about accessing timing.  Timing requires listening and listening creates silence.  Ever notice how a crowded restaurant can never drown out the person sitting opposite you, only if you really want to be there?  Ever notice how noise in a crowded restaurant gets to you when you really rather be somewhere else?  Your Mind’s Desire to Listen is what creates the internal silence necessary to focus.  Your Mind’s Desire to want to get away is what makes distraction, distracting.  Curiosity always swims in the subconscious mind of Desire, so if you aren’t Curious about the company you are with, your Mind will swim to where Curiosity will freely go.

Slowing down, although appears to look like slow movements has everything to do with accessing, understanding and feeling the feeling of your body’s internal coordination, body mechanics.  Body Mechanics are the key to balance and the appearance of slow movements are about accessing your listening state, to access your silent state for the purpose of Internal Energy Flow.

Many people suffer balance issue when they get stuck in the mind, unable to connect with the body.  Your body is an incredible machine created by nature for the purpose of always maintaining balance.  Staying connected to your physical body requires an internal coordination established from a combination of timing involving a connection to your rooted foundation.

Your movements flow from your root.  Your hands are rooted out.

Your root requires more than just standing on your two feet.  Actual root comes from a connected base which happens as a result of muscle release.  Don’t be dramatic, this is not about you being muscle-less, this about you moving frictionless.  Actual movement is an internal coordination which triggers energy expansion.

Here’s an example:

When you reach for something on a table top, it isn’t done from the conscious thought of lifting the arm, stretching the arm out and then having to think about how much to open the fingers and then having to think about how much pressure to apply to the object you are trying to lift.  The Desire of the Mind signals the Brain to reach for the object and the rest that happens physically comes from an internal expansion of energy which is directed towards the intended object.  There is no muscling for these kinds of natural movements, just flow.

When you take steps in the form it is identical to how we walk, but now let’s think about how we walk.  Take a minute to yourself and just think.

When we walk it is not the foot that is moving forward which is initiating the action, it is the rooted leg hinged at the hip which brings the free leg forward.  You must shift all your weight into the rooted leg and at the right moment of timing to your connected, rooted balance, it is the rooted leg which propels the free leg forward.  This is the same for raised knees and kicks.

The leg that’s moving is not the body part executing the action.  All action is stimulated from the desire of the mind and translated by the hardware of the brain to create the circuitry necessary for your intended desired action.  There’s a lot that’s going on and timing is everything.

Timing isn’t about moving slowly, it’s about slowing down to the pace necessary for coordinated action, rooted in feeling.

If you can’t feel where you’re at, you aren’t really there.

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