I was going through the photos and videos of The Intensive this year.

I realized there were some people I really missed, because I have seen them regularly throughout the years and I realized that while they were missing from the photos, my heart still felt them because of the years we have spent together.

As I scrolled through photos and looked at videos I realized I was constantly smiling because of how I would see people listening, understanding, not understanding (but trying) and appreciating my father.  This includes the people who are also our regular students, not just at the school, but all around the world.

Growing up I always witnessed, through actions, what true love and respect were all about, because I learned through seeing it’s example practiced everyday.  People who would come into the school, for the most part, always came in with sincere intentions.  I learned how to be loving, sincere and honest from the energy of the environment I was brought up in, the school is my home too and our students are part of my family and my teachers too.  I was raised in a very pure, good natured environment, sadly this spoiled me in a way where I am still not always prepared for the manipulative tactics of this generation, but it’s ok, I will always bask in the good and when I can’t feel the the good anymore, I’ve also learned the power of leaving circumstances riddled with agendas.  I learned from the good in life and it is that goodness which unearths things not meant for you.

Thank You, from the bottom of my heart to the students who have taught me the greatest lessons about Love, Gratitude, Generosity, Honesty, Sincerity and Beauty that I could never have experienced otherwise.  Your behaviors and consistency of how great the goodness of human nature is capable of being has taught me and reminded me of everything I have to be so grateful for.

Thank You for showing me how much and how many ways you appreciate and love my dad.

Thank You for reminding me about how much my mother should be appreciated for all that you have also learned from her.

Thank You for choosing the Chen’s as part of your family, because you have always been and always will be a part of ours.

Oh and Thank You to those student who saw me these past few weeks from the day I arrived to The Intensive after landing at 2am and said

“Tiff, you look ok, but you don’t feel alright, are you getting enough rest?”

“Oh, wow, you look way better than yesterday”

“Tiff, are you feeling alright? You’re starting to look as bad as the first day you came in”

“Tiff, are you getting enough sleep”

“Tiff, are you eating?”

“Tiff, can I help with anything?”

“Tiff, you need to go home and get some sleep”

“Tiff, are you taking any time for yourself?”

“We shouldn’t make any plans, because you need to be left alone to rest. (this person also bought me a day at my new favorite spa, thank you, xoxo)”

Sometimes you forget that you are on empty because you feel such a sense of responsibility to everyone else, but your family are the people who will always watch out for you, when you forget to take care of yourself.

So, again, With all my Heart, Thank You.

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