Would you know the beauty and exhilaration of getting things right, if it didn’t come from the growth of having the experience of doing things wrong?

My life has always been in the endless experiences of doing things wrong, so that we can learn how to get things right.  This is why people enjoy coming to my father and this is why people love being at our school.  Learning has more to do with learning about how we are doing things wrong, so that we can make the necessary adjustments to finally get things right.

When you hear about somebody “leaving their mark”, “making an impression”, “taking a stand”.  None of this every came from a place of what many think the ideals of perfection to come from.  Perfection doesn’t exist.  A moment that feels perfect, is only for the moment, because there were many other key factors, many of those being imperfect that made that perfect moment.  Moments come and moments go, but anyone who has ever made an impression, didn’t live every single moment of their lives perfect.  In fact, it is all the moments spent making mistakes which created the “Aha” moments we all love to find ourselves in.

For every moment people see as greatness and perfection, there will always be those that see the other side, the negative side.  What I’m trying to say here is that there are people who will always see the best and there are others who will always see the worst and there are just who live in a very neutral zone and don’t seem to be particularly impressed or unimpressed by anything.

We are all different, but the beauty is about those who are brave enough to “leave their mark”, this requires taking a chance, going out on a limb and it means that you will be judged, but who cares about what others think if you are genuinely trying your honest best?

Beauty is all about the marks and one of my favorite things when I was little would be when I had a BooBoo and even better BooBoos, when this happened, there was always a little story I could tell my parents and the best part was, daddy and Mommy would always kiss the BooBoo until I forgot that it was a BooBoo.  My parents made getting BooBoos something to feel good about and the story behind the BooBoo was something my parents turned into a fun kind of story time, so that I could learn how to express myself, becoming the storyteller and tell them what happened.  Some BooBoos happened with my parents and these were the most fun stories all of the time, cause I could talk about when I did this with my Daddy or did that with my Mommy and sometimes Mom dropped me or Dad lost his grip of me.  Sometimes I had some bumps and bruises, sometimes we got bumps and bruises together.  Accidents happen, so that we can learn how to get back up, brush it off and make better choices moving forward.  I am so grateful for my parents loving me enough to try endless things together so that I learned how to never let anything stop me no matter what it was.

In life, if you are lucky, you will always challenge yourself, there is no such thing as failure, unless you fail to learn from what didn’t work and stay with doing things the same.  Learning about what doesn’t work is an incredible tool for knowledge too, this is how you find what works.  There is no such thing as loss, unless you neglect the lesson in the experience.  There is no such thing as messing-up, unless you keep doing it the same way.

Flaws are the beauty marks of a genuinely beautiful life.

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