Everybody talks about being Present, but like many of those who march around announcing they are Gluten-Free, they don’t really understand what they are talking about.  Thats the natural way in this country, to mimic and repeat and copy, become the same to be accepted, heard, listened to, or just try to jump on a fad in order to have something to talk about.  Then there’s the other method where people think they can demand to be heard and order respect, like a side of fries.

Having said all this, what is being “Present” to you?

Let me begin with my observation as a teacher and just simply, another human being.

So many people I see who talk about being Present don’t fully grasp the internal language of this timeless state.  Presence is timeless because it exists only, if you are Present in the Moments you are actually living in.  The measure of time doesn’t exist in the Present.  This is The Natural State of Nature.  Nature does not cry about yesterday, instead it adjusts to the needs of the present moment, always.  Nature does worry about tomorrow, it stays in the moment, listening to how to adapt to, in-the-now, so that it can maintain the optimal state of health, always.

Health is Presence, because it is about how we feel in our existing, present state.  Health isn’t something we predict about tomorrow or that existed yesterday.  Health exists where you are, In-The-Now.

When I observe people talking about “Presence” there’s almost always this touch of the “idiotic hippie”.  I am not insulting hippies, I’m one myself and I love everybody who is who they actually are, I’m talking about the people who want to perform and act like what they think, the should be like for the kind of attention they can solicit through, most often, very poor performances and this extends beyond the “Idiotic Hippie”.

So, what is the “Idiotic Hippie”?  It’s basically anyone who practices life, performing.  Life is about self discovery and the “idiotic hippie” is the one who says “be present man” with a dopy grin, signaling more of a false persona and just an empty appeal, the birthplace of a scathing narcissist where everything is about the demand and desire for constant attention and where confidence is replaced by arrogance, the poor man’s confidence.  They think Presence is about portraying an outwardly Oblivious State, because they also think that to be Peaceful is to exist in an empty and that couldn’t be further from what Presence actually is.

Presence is your Doctor, Medicine, Stress Relief and it’s also a Pain Killer. How, because existing in a state of Presence keeps your whole entire Body System, Internal and External in-tune, in-sync and in-balance.  It’s a coordinated state of Mind/Body/Soul which is your body’s natural state, the Listening State.  Your Listening state is your intellectual state and those who lack the ability to Listen create a lot of noise to distract from their vacant appeal.

The Power of Presence is the key to your body’s healing properties.  The body is an incredible machine, the body is created a healer.  Your body is far more intelligent than anything science can figure out and is far more dimensional than anyone could understand and thats the thing, we aren’t designed to “Know Everything” we are designed to Listen and that is The State of Presence.

I have found that the syndrome of the all too audible, aggressive, ill-tempered “Know it All”, to be the Anti-Nature.  Nature Listens and this is how Nature becomes so Beautiful, Powerful and Strong.  Nature Respects and Respect can only be earned, this not only a generous practice, it is a giving practice and it is the naturally organic way.

Listening is more than what you even think you hear sometimes, but Listening also adjusts to the moments you are Listening in.  Where your mind is at, Where you heart is at, Where your stomach is at, all of these conditions, as well as the environment around you, all affect your Listening State.  Listening, while it does require the sensitivity and state of the open mind, is also directly influenced by the people you are surrounded by and the emotional state they can either keep you in or distract you from.  You know that feeling when somebody who catches your attention walks into the room?  This is your State of Presence, responding to the feeling created by someone else in the present moment, this happens because you are listening, listening creates an internal silent state and this is what keep your reservoirs of feeling open and honest.

Feeling is your Present State.  Feelings go beyond just emotional.  Your body is constantly feeling itself out and giving you feelings to make you listen to you.  This is how your body balances your health and this is why we get this things called cravings too.  We constantly crave nourishment for the maintenance of our health’s needed balance.  Nourishment is not just food, it’s also about energy and love.

Tai Chi Chuan is the Practice of Presence.  It creates a physically Stress-Less environment, nurturing the Maturity of the Practitioner.  Maturity is the ability to constantly seek improvement by listening to the honest voice we all have within.  The honesty of your internal voice flows without the manipulation of the mind.  The Mind is a powerful thing and today, it is the Power of the Mind which has been distorted for all kinds of personal gain.  Personal Gain is the Anti-Presence, it is about disrupting the natural state, by trying to artificially manufacture a desired state.

Children are developing, seeking their Mature State.  They create noise, trying to find their silent state.  They are sponges, constantly taking in the energy from their environment, their actions and reactions are how they fine tune their own abilities to listen and respond. Children are the most Present, we must always handle this responsibility with the utmost care, compassion, caution and sensitivity.  Children take in everything, they are all little geniuses wrapped up in adorable packaging.  This adorable packaging also saves them from the consequences of sometimes very naughty actions and my mother has reminded me regularly of how many times my baby pictures have saved my life.

Presence maintains Balance.

Balance is not a finite state, it is a constant state of fluctuation and it is the key to maintaining the organically, natural healthy state of us all.

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